Las Vegas Business

Jurisdiction:Las Vegas
Source:City of Las Vegas, Business License Division

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities licensed wtih the City of Las Vegas, Business License Division. Each business is registered with license number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, license issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address License Date Status
Terri the Temporary LLC 9205 W Russell Rd 240, Spring Valley 2018-06-14 Active
Abraham Enterprises LLC 10044 Lago De Coco Ave, Spring Valley 2018-06-11 Active
Select Home Care Las Vegas South LLC 9315 W Sunset Rd, Spring Valley 2018-05-29 Active
Care First Home Care LLC 9315 W Sunset Rd 101, Spring Valley 2018-05-29 Active
House of Window Coverings 4960 S Fort Apache Rd 410, Las Vegas 2018-04-30 Active
Ricardo Sayson 8760 W Patrick Ln, Spring Valley 2018-04-23 Active
Global Pos Solutions 9931 Burton Lake Ct, Spring Valley 2018-04-18 Active
SMART RIDE SERVICES LLC 262 Fox Lake Ave, Spring Valley 2018-04-10 Active
Rapp Photography 9328 Malaya Garnet Ct, Spring Valley 2018-04-09 Active
Rock Solid Project Solutions Inc 9205 W Russell Rd, Spring Valley 2018-03-27 Active
JIANMIN LIN 9229 Keystone Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2018-03-21 Active
LEM Services 8985 S Durango Dr 2192, Enterprise 2018-03-14 Active
paper and produce LLC 9706 Dieterich Ave, Spring Valley 2018-03-08 Active
Dee's Maintenance LLC 5534 Victoria Springs Ct, Spring Valley 2018-03-08 Active
TNG MODELS 9275 W Russell Rd 215, Spring Valley 2018-02-13 Active
3E LLC 7293 Bird Cherry St, Spring Valley 2018-02-08 Active
Soul Purpose Sober Living L.L.C. 335 Blackstone River Ave, Spring Valley 2018-02-01 Active
ALIYAH ROSE LLC 10044 Glen Aire Ave, Spring Valley 2018-01-05 Active
Epic Association Management 8712 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2017-12-19 Active
Nine Star Global Hoops 235 Rustic Club Way, Spring Valley 2017-12-13 Active
CCA TECHS 6949 Pacific Coast St, Spring Valley 2017-11-30 Active
Sandland Real Estate Services 8894 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2017-11-20 Active
SIERRA CONSULTING STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS LLC 9330 W Martin Ave 200, Spring Valley 2017-10-19 Active
LAS VEGAS LUV BUG 9227 Gingerman Ave, Enterprise 2017-10-12 Active
WMS: Direct 8804 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2017-10-12 Active
Saints and Sinners Vegas Crawl 8942 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2017-09-18 Active
PACIFIC HOSPICE SERVICES LLC 8708 Spanish Ridge Ave Ste. 115, Spring Valley 2017-08-15 Active
iClean Green 6355 S Durango Dr, Spring Valley 2017-08-08 Active
TRIPLE M INDUSTRIES LLC 9716 Granite Gorge Ct, Spring Valley 2017-06-27 OutOfBus
Absolute Perfection Handyman Services 5450 S Fort Apache Rd, Spring Valley 2017-06-15 Active
GINA 8942 Spring Peeper Ave, Spring Valley 2017-06-01 Active
LIVE EVENTS ENTERTAINMENT INC. 341 Powerbilt Ave, Spring Valley 2017-05-24 OutOfBus
Encompass Home Health of Nevada 6080 S Fort Apache Rd 105B, Spring Valley 2017-05-23 Active
WESTAR PROPERTIES 5105 S Durango Dr 1, Spring Valley 2017-05-11 Active
NVIZION IT LLC 4955 S Durango Dr 220, Spring Valley 2017-05-08 Active
LOOKING GLASS WINDOW CLEANING 4955 S Durango Dr, Spring Valley 2017-05-03 OutOfBus
Brighton Hospice Nevada LLC 8945 W Russell Rd, Spring Valley 2017-04-20 Active
MP ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT INC 6053 S Fort Apache Rd 110, Las Vegas 2017-04-19 Active
WORN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN 6524 Holly River St, Spring Valley 2017-04-18 Active
Shurley Design Studio LLC 9270 Onesto Ave, Enterprise 2017-04-13 Active
Zachary Michael Needleman 9700 W Sunset Rd, Spring Valley 2017-03-29 OutOfBus
Intercoastal Net L.L.C. 9278 Pembrook Falls Ave, Enterprise 2017-03-16 OutOfBus
Eide Bailly LLP 9139 W Russell Rd, Spring Valley 2017-03-14 Active
EKG EDUCATION HUB LIMITED LIABILITY CO 9630 Tuscola Ct, Spring Valley 2017-03-07 Active
Christine Mcmoore 6424 Lonesome Lake St, Spring Valley 2017-03-02 Active
Central Valley Blinds LLC 33 Augusta Course Ave, Spring Valley 2017-02-27 OutOfBus
THE FERRARO GROUP 9205 W Russell Rd 340, Spring Valley 2017-02-02 Active
ROCK SOLID HOME REPAIR 9487 Grove Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2017-01-09 Active
Diane Pelicano 6312 Fence Post St, Spring Valley 2017-01-03 OutOfBus
INFINITY ONE 8886 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2017-01-03 Active
Pacific Lift Management LLC 132 Honors Course Dr, Spring Valley 2016-11-23 Active
WHEELIE VEGAS L.L.C. 5453 S Durango Dr Bldg 3 Unit 2009, Spring Valley 2016-11-17 Active
SUMMIT ANESTHESIA CONSULTANTS 9127 W Russell Rd STE 110, Spring Valley 2016-11-07 OutOfBus
DIAMONDBACK LAND SURVEYING LLC 6140 Brent Thurman Way, Spring Valley 2016-11-01 Active
HVS 7111 S Durango Dr 110, Spring Valley 2016-10-24 Active
AMOR ARCHITECTURAL CORPORATION 8708 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2016-10-18 Active
Clear View Window Cleaning LLC 11 Ocean Harbour Ln, Las Vegas 2016-09-28 Active
KME ARCHITECTS LLC 5588 S Fort Apache Rd 110, Spring Valley 2016-09-20 Active
MAYA ELITE MAINTENANCE LLC 9619 Scrub Jay Ct, Spring Valley 2016-09-19 Active
Massage Events 9050 W Warm Springs Rd 2013, Spring Valley 2016-09-06 OutOfBus
FEM LLC 8804 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2016-08-30 Active
Touchstone Lone Mountain LLC 9205 W Russell Rd 235, Spring Valley 2016-08-22 Active
World Tree Healing Arts 5931 Moon Garden St, Spring Valley 2016-08-09 Active
Rommel Talledo 7128 Tawny Mill St, Spring Valley 2016-08-02 OutOfBus
RAM Delivery Solutions 7128 Tawny Mill St, Spring Valley 2016-07-25 OutOfBus
Level Property Management LLC 8966 Spanish Ridge Ave, Spring Valley 2016-07-18 Active
Envoy Mortgage LP 5524 S Fort Apache Rd 110, Spring Valley 2016-07-14 Active
CLICKSNGIGGLESLV LLC 10008 Willowbrook Pond Rd, Spring Valley 2016-07-11 PreCollect
REAL CHIC BOUTIQUE 9462 Belmont Bay Ave, Spring Valley 2016-06-20 Active
Treidgen Industries LLC 9323 Briar Bridge Ave, Spring Valley 2016-05-19 OutOfBus
Touchstone Peaceful Ridge 9205 W Russell Rd 235, Spring Valley 2016-05-18 Active
Anchor Chiropractic 5135 S Fort Apache Rd 140, Las Vegas 2016-05-05 OutOfBus
THM Enterprises Inc. 9205 W Russell Rd Ste 235, Spring Valley 2016-05-04 Active
CALIXTO CODING LLC 5626 Moccasin Point St, Spring Valley 2016-04-19 Collection
COMMERCIAL EXHAUST CLEANING LLC. 6069 Laughing Creek St, Spring Valley 2016-04-13 Active
Guardian Lenders 5594 S Fort Apache Rd, Spring Valley 2016-03-31 Active
WESTERN TRAILS SHOW PROMOTIONS LLC 8948 Salvatore St, Enterprise 2016-03-15 Active
BRIGHTSTAR OF W CENTRAL LV 5564 S Fort Apache Rd 120, Spring Valley 2016-03-09 Active
Move Right Movers Inc 7151 S Durango Dr 211, Spring Valley 2016-03-08 Active
K AND G HOME SERVICES 8968 Rutherford Grove St, Enterprise 2016-02-25 OutOfBus
Patricia Griffin 9325 Golden Grape Ct, Enterprise 2016-02-22 OutOfBus
Calmness Within 9532 Creedmoor Ct, Spring Valley 2016-02-17 OutOfBus
Summerlin Eagles Athletic Legion 8820 W Russell Rd 155, Spring Valley 2016-02-16 Collection
William F Hoffer 8975 W Warm Springs Rd 1012, Las Vegas 2016-02-11 Active
Claudia's Creations 9347 Iceland Spar Ct, Spring Valley 2016-02-02 OutOfBus
Happy n Home 5897 Noble Stand St, Spring Valley 2016-01-13 Active
ELEMENTAL FLOW PROPS LTD. 9595 Gatesville Ave, Spring Valley 2016-01-06 OutOfBus
SoccerStars LLC 42 Augusta Course Ave, Spring Valley 2015-12-03 Active
Realty Executives of Southern Nevada 5235 S Durango Dr 2, Spring Valley 2015-11-19 OutOfBus
PNS WORLDWIDE 9521 Veterans Ct, Spring Valley 2015-11-10 OutOfBus
IN STYLE BOUTIQUE 9223 Tulip Trestle Ave, Spring Valley 2015-10-18 OutOfBus
CARE FIRST HOME CARE LLC 9315 W Sunset Rd, Spring Valley 2015-10-05 Active
SOUTHWEST PROPERTY CONSULTANTS INC 9205 W Russell Rd 240, Spring Valley 2015-10-05 Active
LV Gridiron 179 Flying Hills Ave, Spring Valley 2015-09-17 OutOfBus
Corpirate 9663 Bandera Creek Ave, Spring Valley 2015-08-20 OutOfBus
CONCEPT BUILDING MAINTENANCE INC 538 White Heart Rd, Spring Valley 2015-07-15 OutOfBus
Happy Events 9668 Waukegan Ave, Spring Valley 2015-07-14 Active
A98 LLC 7103 S Durango Dr 108 108, Spring Valley 2015-06-23 Collection
Ragtime Cleaning Service LLC 9935 Shadow Grove Ave, Spring Valley 2015-06-15 Delinquent
Total Vegas Events 9490 W Diablo Dr, Spring Valley 2015-06-09 OutOfBus