Los Angeles County Employee

Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County
Source: County of Los Angeles, Auditor-Controller

This dataset includes 42.5 thousand employees worked in County of Los Angeles. This data includes compensation paid to employees of the County of Los Angeles in the form of earnings and fringe benefits. Each employee is disclosed with full name, department, position, annual earnings, etc.

SHERIFF · Search Result

Name Employer Position Compensation
Maria R Gutierrez SHERIFF Assistant Sheriff/Uc/ $720,796
Kevin E Hebert SHERIFF Commander $649,142
Ricardo Pedroza SHERIFF Sergeant $374,245
Craig A Harman SHERIFF Sergeant $433,408
Martin Mercado SHERIFF Sergeant $356,176
Andrew H Rosso SHERIFF Commander $394,798
Coronne L Jacob SHERIFF Commander $423,122
Kenneth B Mcwaid SHERIFF Commander $432,709
Steven L Sylvies SHERIFF Lieutenant $389,251
Alfred M Reyes SHERIFF Captain $351,686
Roosevelt Johnson SHERIFF Commander $398,780
Crystal M Miranda SHERIFF Captain $379,910
John P Burcher SHERIFF Captain $374,556
James P Wolak SHERIFF Commander $449,112
Lajuana J Haselrig SHERIFF Division Chief,Sheriff/Uc/ $345,121
Fred N Binion SHERIFF Sergeant $363,556
Daniel Vizcarra SHERIFF Lieutenant $348,072
Kimberly L Unland SHERIFF Captain $378,028
Justin R Diez SHERIFF Lieutenant $303,868
Paul J Schuerger SHERIFF Sergeant $396,369
Scott R Goodwin SHERIFF Information Technology Manager IIi $300,464
David S Scheinfarb SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $316,843
Timothy D Carr SHERIFF Lieutenant $562,363
Jeffrey L Scroggin SHERIFF Commander $665,734
Carlos R Girard SHERIFF Lieutenant $327,722
John J Wolak Jr SHERIFF Lieutenant $286,236
Joel T Nebel SHERIFF Sergeant $322,762
Jin C Jun SHERIFF Sergeant $313,554
Todd P Weber SHERIFF Captain $363,616
Scott M Lawler SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $311,673
Keith E Swensson SHERIFF Commander $445,940
Sidra A Sherrod-Strong SHERIFF Lieutenant $268,905
Adrian V Reynoso SHERIFF Lieutenant $300,125
Rodrick J Armalin SHERIFF Captain $387,312
John J Doty SHERIFF Sergeant $336,204
Javier Valencia SHERIFF Sergeant $304,255
Albert M Maldonado SHERIFF Captain $348,421
Theodore B Broadston SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $296,938
Phillip R Martinez SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff, Nc Hourly Only $283,541
Armando F Meneses SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $268,313
Magdalena V Lane SHERIFF Lieutenant $252,245
Timothy P Hauser SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $272,317
Louis M Vigil SHERIFF Lieutenant $309,102
Froilan A Dinco SHERIFF Sergeant $314,824
Laura E Lecrivain SHERIFF Captain $333,270
Steven D Katz SHERIFF Commander $402,843
Nathan D Grimes SHERIFF Sergeant $271,053
Morrie C Zager SHERIFF Sergeant $301,952
Guillermo J Morales SHERIFF Sergeant $329,885
Robert J Benning SHERIFF Sergeant $254,504
Troy Krautkramer SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $259,738
Erik D Ruble SHERIFF Lieutenant $417,782
Samuel Valente SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $281,788
Darren D Harris SHERIFF Captain $360,901
Christopher E Voda SHERIFF Sergeant $263,098
Joseph R Garrido SHERIFF Lieutenant $293,940
Anthony Rivera SHERIFF Commander $374,149
Steven Strange SHERIFF Captain $414,119
Nikio A Caffery SHERIFF Sergeant $267,070
Alan Y Liu SHERIFF Sergeant $285,284
Julian Flores SHERIFF Sergeant $230,511
Juong H Yi SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $270,584
John P Macdonald SHERIFF Lieutenant $414,645
Robin A Limon SHERIFF Assistant Sheriff/Uc/ $505,196
Wayne A Carpini SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $281,126
Jason E Kincaid SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $288,042
Daniel S Fedele SHERIFF Lieutenant $328,759
Ryan M Bodily SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $257,210
Francis R Ruiz SHERIFF Lieutenant $302,907
Joseph M Gooden IIi SHERIFF Division Chief,Sheriff/Uc/ $346,745
Mark R Cramer SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $281,737
Mark E Wise SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $262,780
Britta S Steinbrenner SHERIFF Captain $395,868
Darrell B Bolin Jr SHERIFF Commander $447,982
Larry J Pico Iv SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $247,534
Douglas K Mohrhoff SHERIFF Lieutenant $323,755
Ronald J Greene SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $313,109
Dean A Docuyanan SHERIFF Sergeant $346,960
Matthew E King SHERIFF Lieutenant $340,150
Alicia M Malone SHERIFF Lieutenant $319,271
Timothy C Holt SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $269,771
Shauna L Saiz SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $242,317
Dean A Camarillo SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $319,625
Daniel R Morris SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $286,226
Chris J Perez SHERIFF Captain $387,344
Jay London SHERIFF Sergeant $230,950
Julien L Olivier SHERIFF Lieutenant $306,704
Ricky C Bratton II SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $237,530
David Aldana SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $253,291
Norma Maciel SHERIFF Sergeant $256,612
Thomas L Conger SHERIFF Sergeant $228,243
Santos E Ruano SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $224,386
Santiago D Robles SHERIFF Sergeant $304,412
Daniel Rodriguez SHERIFF Sergeant $288,918
Sukarno L Brown SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $245,848
Juan P Bonilla SHERIFF Deputy Sheriff $275,673
Michael D Gonzales SHERIFF Sergeant $336,017
Christopher R Garcia SHERIFF Lieutenant $296,353
Richard A Vargas SHERIFF Sergeant $345,787
Kevin Tiwari SHERIFF Sergeant $295,821