New York State Corporations

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Department of State (NYSDOS)

This dataset includes 2.43 million business entities and corporations registered with New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). Each entity is registered with DOS ID, business name, location, registered agent, CEO, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date
EGLEBEAK REAL ESTATE, LLC 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn 2018-01-31
DOVE AND WATERS REAL ESTATE LLC 72 Vernon Ave, Mastic 2018-01-31
ELDERBERRY REAL ESTATE SERVICES LLC 194 Haypath Road, Old Bethpage 2018-01-31
TRILLIUM HEALTH REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS, LLC 259 Monroe Avenue, Rochester 2018-01-31
MTS REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES LLC 30 Locust Street, Floral Park 2018-01-31
GHOTRA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT CORP. 120-05 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill 2018-01-30
NEW YORK REAL ESTATE CENTER LLC 275 Madison Avenue, Suite 801, New York 2018-01-30
TWO LIZ REAL ESTATE LLC 90 State Street, Suite 700, Office 40, Albany 2018-01-30
JDG REAL ESTATE SERVICES LLC 28 Old Town Lane, Halesite 2018-01-30
KORI SASSOWER REAL ESTATE, INC 5 Horseshoe Lane, Rye Brook 2018-01-30
RJS REAL ESTATE SERVICES INC. 9 Meroke Lane, Rocky Point 2018-01-30
INCENDIO REAL ESTATE AND DEVELOPMENT LLC 3188 Roxbury Ln, Levittown 2018-01-29
ON TRACK REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS, LLC 90 State Street Ste 700, Office 40, Albany 2018-01-29
FUTURIST REAL ESTATE PARTNERS, LLC 805 Third Avenue, 8th Floor, New York 2018-01-29
ADS REAL ESTATE I, LLC Attn: David E. Danovitch, Esq., 875 Third Avenue, 9th Floor, New York 2018-01-29
MMCBE REAL ESTATE, LLC 24 Cindy Lane, Clifton Park 2018-01-26
BRANCH REAL ESTATE GROUP LLC 203 Glen Cove Avenue, Sea Cliff 2018-01-25
WE ARE REAL ESTATE OF AMERICA CORP 11 Broadway Suite 615, New York 2018-01-25
EA REAL ESTATE VENTURES LLC 149 West 36th St., 6th Floor, New York 2018-01-24
EVERGREEN WAY REAL ESTATE LLC 23 Arbor Lane, Roslyn Heights 2018-01-22
RKANE REAL ESTATE LLC P.o. Box 132, Montgomery 2018-01-22
TG REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS INC. 182 Beverly Rd., Huntington 2018-01-22
NEW YORK REAL ESTATE EQUITIES LLC 32-72 Steinway Street 2nd Fl, Astoria 2018-01-22
BENTLEY REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS, LLC 1346 Bulls Head Road, Clinton Corners 2018-01-19
JEKO REAL ESTATE INC 11 Algate Drive West, Manhasset 2018-01-19
RAITH REAL ESTATE FUND II LP 80 State Street, Albany 2018-01-19
JAMZ REAL ESTATE, LLC 1002 Wayne Road, Schenectady 2018-01-18
HARALD GRANT REAL ESTATE INC. P.o. Box 5053, Southampton 2018-01-18
PARK REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LLC 373 Whiteface Inn Lane, Lake Placid 2018-01-18
CALDERA REAL ESTATE VENTURES LLC 111 Eighth Avenue, New York 2018-01-17
DESS REAL ESTATE, CORP. 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4309, New York 2018-01-17
GALGANO REAL ESTATE II, LLC 2900 Westchester Avenue, Suite 405, Purchase 2018-01-17
CHURCHILL REAL ESTATE FUND MA LLC 7 Mercer Street, 2nd Floor, New York 2018-01-17
PPP CAPITAL REAL ESTATE LLC 244 East 13th Street, Apartment 19, New York 2018-01-17
FRANCIE MALINA REAL ESTATE LLC 420 Riverview Rd., Irvington 2018-01-16
R. MURRAY REAL ESTATE, LLC 8 Oxford Place, Hicksville 2018-01-16
GARDEN CITY REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS FOUNDATION, INC. 19 St. James Street North, Garden City 2018-01-16
MANHATTAN MANDARIN REAL ESTATE LLC 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn 2018-01-16
CU REAL ESTATE ALUMNI INC. 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 4530, New York 2018-01-12
VEB REAL ESTATE, LLC 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn 2018-01-11
MICHAEL J MCCARTHY REAL ESTATE INCORPORATED 7 Renaissance Square, White Plains 2018-01-11
MATT PAUL REAL ESTATE LLC 5570 Main Street, Williamsville 2018-01-10
EOS REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC 201 E. Mcbee Ave. Ste 202, Greenville 2018-01-10
STATE OF THE ART REAL ESTATE LLC 61 Hillcrest Avenue, New Rochelle 2018-01-10
KIDO & HICKMAN REAL ESTATE, LLC 303 Burr Road, East Northport 2018-01-10
ROSEMARY ONEILL REAL ESTATE INC. 42 Jessup Lane, Westhampton Beach 2018-01-10
JD & MB REAL ESTATE, LLC C/o Swertfager, 182 Allison Rd., Katonah 2018-01-09
WEST EGG REAL ESTATE LLC 610 5th Ave #5253, New York 2018-01-09
NY/PA REAL ESTATE PARTNERS LLC 215-15 Northern Blvd., Suite 101, Bayside 2018-01-09
SHULTS-JOHNSON REAL ESTATE LLC 17 Crawford Lane, Lakewood 2018-01-09
FBK REAL ESTATE, LLC 100 Newlight Lane, Watermill 2018-01-09
TAVAIN REAL ESTATE, INC. 674 East 78th Street, Brooklyn 2018-01-09
JUMPMAN REAL ESTATE, INC. C/o Michael Jordan Sadis, 226 New York Ave, #304, Huntington 2018-01-09
TOTAL REAL ESTATE LI INC. 40 Aero Rd, Suite 9, Bohemia 2018-01-09
LANDWEALTH REAL ESTATE LLC 11 Broadway Suite 615, New York 2018-01-08
EDG REAL ESTATE ADVISERS, INC. 85 Post Crossing, Southampton 2018-01-08
LAURA MILLER REAL ESTATE LLC 18 Leatherstocking Lane, Scarsdale 2018-01-08
CUIFFO REAL ESTATE, LLC 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossingin 2018-01-08
KEVIN NEUSER REAL ESTATE, INC. 160 Forrest Way, Camillus 2018-01-05
TRIPLE FIVE REAL ESTATE I LLC 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington 2018-01-04
TYSON'S REAL ESTATE CO. INC. 22 Nottingham Dr., Wheatley Heights 2018-01-04
REEAL REAL ESTATE LLC 40 Memorial Hwy 35g, New Rochelle 2018-01-04
NOELLE REAL ESTATE PARTNERS, L.L.C. 80 State Street, Albany 2018-01-04
LKM REAL ESTATE SERVICES LLC 1218 Central Avenue, Suite 100, Albany 2018-01-03
COMFORT HOUSE REAL ESTATE INC 8600 Transit Road, East Amherst 2018-01-03
JL BRADY REAL ESTATE, INC. 3 King Street, Dobbs Ferry 2018-01-03
SAMARITAN REAL ESTATE LLC 216-22 Jamaica Avenue, 2nd Floor, Queeens Village 2018-01-03
260 LAKE STREET REAL ESTATE, LLC 3210 Durham Road, Hamburg 2018-01-03
M.T. REAL ESTATE LLC 100 Merrick Road, Suite 202 East, Rockville Centre 2018-01-03
THE PINK REAL ESTATE GROUP LLC 1967 Wehrle Drive, Suite 1 #086, Buffalo 2018-01-03
EAST HAMPTON REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC 2171 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 350, Commack 2018-01-03
HAMPTONS REAL ESTATE ADVISORS LLC 1584 Noyac Path, Sag Harbor 2018-01-03
MONTAUK REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC 2171 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 350, Commack 2018-01-03
35 MCDONALD AVENUE REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC 83 Acorn Street, Staten Island 2018-01-03
TY-KAY REAL ESTATE, LLC 42-41 165th Street, Flushing 2017-12-29
DUFFY KRUSS REAL ESTATE, LLC 333 Shadowbrook Drive, Webster 2017-12-29
LAURA MATIZ REAL ESTATE, LLC 16723 Country Road 76, Adams Center 2017-12-29
KARCHEM REAL ESTATE LLC 100 Willoughby St. #6y, Brooklyn 2017-12-29
KAREN KOSTIW REAL ESTATE, LLC 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn 2017-12-29
GENE'S REAL ESTATE CLOSING SERVICES INC. 107 Lisa Drive, Northport 2017-12-28
MADHAVI REAL ESTATE LLC 21 Fields Ln, Roslyn Heights 2017-12-28
WSC REAL ESTATE INC 6410 8th Avenue Unit 3a, Brooklyn 2017-12-27
DRCT REAL ESTATE LLC 186 Fillmore Street, Staten Island 2017-12-27
BDM REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT, LLC 38 Quail Lane, Rochester 2017-12-22
KAREN ORRACH REAL ESTATE INC. 66 Sandy Hollow Dr., Smithtown 2017-12-21
MORI REAL ESTATE LLC 46 Wolden Rd., Ossining 2017-12-21
GATES REAL ESTATE SERVICE, LLC 1309 Surrey Place, Rockville Centre 2017-12-21
MACKENZIE NY REAL ESTATE 2 CORP. Attn: David J. Heymann, Eqq., 190 Willis Avenue, Mineola 2017-12-20
MILILLO REAL ESTATE, INC. 7014 13th Avenue Suite 202, Brooklyn 2017-12-19
U.S. CORE+ REAL ESTATE DEBT FUND LP 111 Eighth Avenue, New York 2017-12-18
HUDSON REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS LLC 25 Haven Court, Apt.a, Nyack 2017-12-18
MTC REAL ESTATE GROUP, LLC 10 Buckingham Mews, Middletown 2017-12-18
MOHEGAN REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT CORP 1459 East 46th Street, Brooklyn 2017-12-15
CSP REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT, LLC Attn: Peter I. Cavallaro, 270 So. Service Rd. Ste 45, Melville 2017-12-15
DWYER REAL ESTATE, LLC 7763 State Route 20, Madison 2017-12-15
VILA REAL ESTATE, LLC 1 Dolson Ave., Middletown 2017-12-14
CATSKILL DREAM TEAM REAL ESTATE, LLC 10 Rosa Road, Mergaretville 2017-12-14
PFISTER REAL ESTATE GROUP, LLC 6524 E. Quaker Rd., Orchard Park 2017-12-13
ROSE REAL ESTATE CONSULTING CORP. 90 State Street, Ste 700, Office 40, Albany 2017-12-12