New York State Corporations

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Department of State (NYSDOS)

This dataset includes 2.43 million business entities and corporations registered with New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). Each entity is registered with DOS ID, business name, location, registered agent, CEO, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date
ESQEV LLC 83 First Avenue, New York 2018-03-30
BROOKLYN SWEETS LLC 817 Broadway, Suite 535, New York 2018-03-30
TODD MERCER PRODUCTIONS, INC. 200 Park Avenue South, 8th Fl, New York 2018-03-30
MELTZ CONSULTING LLC 718 Broadway, Apt. 9a, New York 2018-03-30
SALLY GOTFREDSON INTERIORS LLC 122 W 13th St #4, New York 2018-03-30
MSINC LLC 60 East 8th Street, Apt. 34j, New York 2018-03-29
55 FIFTH HOLDINGS LLC 55 Fifth Avenue, 15th Floor, New York 2018-03-29
CLOSERSTILL VET US LLC 33 Irving Place, Third Floor, New York 2018-03-29
BITHOVEN CORP 217 E 5th St Apt#4, New York 2018-03-29
UNDERGROUNDESIGNS LLC 7 East 9th Street, Ph, New York 2018-03-29
SANTA'S SPECIALTIES CORP. One Irving Place Apartment P9d, New York 2018-03-29
AFFINITY INSURANCE BROKERS OF NEW YORK, INC. 23 Waverly Pl Apt 6t, New York 2018-03-29
RIBBON HEALTH, INC. 33 Irving Place, 3rd Fl, New York 2018-03-29
MULBERRY GIFT SHOP INC 106 Mulberry Street, New York 2018-03-28
D&B FOODIES LLC 102 Third Avenue, New York 2018-03-28
APPELWOOD FALLS, CORP 145 E 15th St, Apt 1k, New York 2018-03-28
RABBITT ROAD PRODUCTIONS, INC. 200 Park Ave South, 8th Fl., New York 2018-03-28
BITZUMI, INC. 55 5th Avenue Suite 1702, New York 2018-03-28
GRRLL LLC 33 E 17th St 2nd Fl, New York 2018-03-27
ZB TRADING LLC 201 East 15th Street, Apt 5a, New York 2018-03-27
SACHS & KO LLC 60 E. 8th Street, Apt. 4k, New York 2018-03-27
ART STREET MEDIA LLC 321 E. 12th Street, Suite 28, New York 2018-03-26
1407 DEAN LLC 1732 1st Avenue, 20121, New York 2018-03-26
HUDSON CHAIN PARTNERS GP, LLC 19 Stuyvesant Street, #2a, New York 2018-03-26
HOTEL TORTUGA INC. 246 East 14th Street, New York 2018-03-26
HUDSON CHAIN PARTNERS, LLC 19 Stuyvesant Street, #2a, New York 2018-03-26
167 IRVING PARTNERS LLC 22 East 1st Street, Unit 411, New York 2018-03-23
ANASTASIA US TOURING LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 29 East 9th Street Suite 2, New York 2018-03-23
PLAY ON INC. 111 Worth Street, New York 2018-03-22
RACK FOCUS FILM AND MEDIA LTD 89 East Third Street, 2a, New York 2018-03-22
3804 11TH STREET GK LLC 79 Fifth Avenue, 18th Floor, New York 2018-03-22
MOBILIZEAMERICA, INC. 41 E 11th St, 11th Floor, New York 2018-03-22
210 EAST 52ND STREET GK LLC 79 Fifth Avenue, 18th Floor, New York 2018-03-22
SLEEPING GIANT NY, LLC 415 Lafayette St. Fl. 2, New York 2018-03-21
KISS TEA CORP. 93 1st Avenue, Apt 3d, New York 2018-03-21
8 TIMBER TRAIL LLC 20 Gramercy Park S, New York 2018-03-21
KWEV FOODS INC 241 East 10th Street, New York 2018-03-21
TEAM NEVER WORK AGAIN, INC. 340 East 9th Street, Apt. 1, New York 2018-03-21
292 FIFTH AVENUE GK LLC 79 Fifth Avenue, 18th Floor, New York 2018-03-21
INCLUDE - THE MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVE, INC. 23 Waverly Place #4f, New York 2018-03-21
PICARD TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 212 East 18th St., Apt. 1c, New York 2018-03-20
AR NEW YORK HOLDINGS LLC 157 E 18th St, Apt 2a, New York 2018-03-20
DGT CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC 219 East 12th Street, Unit Gr, New York 2018-03-19
395 MAIN LLC 28 East 4th St., #5w, New York 2018-03-19
DGT CAPITAL, LLC 219 East 12th Street, Unit Gr, New York 2018-03-19
THOMAS WALKER INC 71 E 14th St Apt 3a, New York 2018-03-19
DOGWOOD CONSULTING LLC 336 E 20th St, Apt 3r, New York 2018-03-19
PUSS LLC 214 East 11th Street, #3-c, New York 2018-03-19
PANACEA BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS, INC. 50 E. 1st St. #20, New York 2018-03-16
HEALTHY GREENS GOURMET DELI CORP. 48 3rd Avenue, New York 2018-03-16
PARI PASSU NEW YORK, INC. 817 Broadway, New York 2018-03-16
RICH WILLIAMS EVENTS LLC 32 Gramercy Park South, 17f, New York 2018-03-16
IBROWS TREADING & WAXING SPA LLC 133 East 4th St, New Yokr 2018-03-15
THE VILLAGE SQUARE PIZZA INC 306 East 6th Street, New York 2018-03-15
CLAVERTON LLC 67 East 11th St, Apt 706, Nyc 2018-03-14
PI UNLIMITED INC 151 1st Ave 214, New York 2018-03-14
228 NY INC. 203 East 14th Street, New York 2018-03-14
MS ENDEAVOR INC 62 East 1st Street, Apt. 5n, New York 2018-03-14
WINGSPROUTS, INC. 200 Park Ave S, Fl 8, New York 2018-03-14
OPPORTUNITY ALWAYS ARISING INC. 150 18th Street Apt 5j, New York 2018-03-14
SHARON J. RAE, LLC 81 Irving Place, Apt. 8e, New York 2018-03-14
STAMP & RAVE PRODUCTIONS LLC 305 East 11th Street, Apt. 5b, New York 2018-03-12
SIMPLY SUBTLE LLC 130 East 18th Street, Apt. 4e, New York 2018-03-12
ALL BLUE INVESTORS, LLC 33 East 20th St., 4th Fl., New York 2018-03-12
OPAL VISION LLC 7 East 14th Street, Apt. 911, New York 2018-03-09
THAT'S A RAPP LLC 718 Broadway, Apt 10b, New York 2018-03-09
AUTOENERGY INC 228 Park Ave S, 45956, New York 2018-03-09
EMPIRE VALORIZE, LLC 33 Irving Place, New York 2018-03-09
NY DRYDEN II, LLC 33 Irving Place, New York 2018-03-09
YINOVA MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLC 74 E 11th Street, New York 2018-03-08
PARK AVENUE PHOTO CORP. 228 Park Avenue, Suite 73025, New York 2018-03-08
BLINK 18TH AVENUE, INC. 895 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York 2018-03-08
UNION SQUARE LOFT LLC 873 Broadway Suite 408, New York 2018-03-07
DRIVE STUDIOS INC. 228 Park Avenue S. #300, New York 2018-03-07
ABUSHI INC. 228 Park Ave S, Ny 2018-03-07
ZOE PEPPER, LLC 228 Park Ave South, #30546, New York 2018-03-07
REEVES CRE, LLC 240 Park Avenue South, Apt 4d, New York 2018-03-07
9TH ST VINTAGE LLC 346 E 9th St, New York 2018-03-07
ABEL HONOR NEW YORK, LLC 67 E. 11th St., Suite 319, New York 2018-03-07
BYNATE, INC. 126 E. 4th Street, Apt. # 3, New York 2018-03-06
EUROPA CONTENT LLC 205 3rd Ave, 12s, Nyc 2018-03-06
CASEY TURNER CORP. 200 East 16th Street, 7em, New York 2018-03-06
FITNESS PEOPLE ADVANCING CHANGE LLC 4 E 1st Street Apt 2g, New York 2018-03-05
MBK 407 8TH LLC 55 Fifth Avenue, New York 2018-03-05
JEREMY DIXON, D.D.S., P.C. Attention: Jeremy Dixon, Dds, 195 3rd Avenue, New York 2018-03-05
FLO BELLE LLC 94 East 4th Street, 308, New York 2018-03-05
BESEN 30TH ST LLC 841 Broadway, Suite 303, New York 2018-03-05
UPFLEX, INC. 833 Broadway 2nd Fl, New York 2018-03-01
7G CAPITAL PRESERVATION, LP 60 Beach Street, Suite 1c, New York 2018-03-01
ALOHA REAL ESTATE, LLC 145 Fourth Avenue, Apt. 12h, New York 2018-03-01
FOLIAGE DIVERSITY, LLC 7 East 14th Street, Apt. 17m, New York 2018-02-28
334W12, LLC 30 East 9th Street #5u, New York 2018-02-27
ARCHIV WINE & SPIRITS INC 110 3rd Ave, New York 2018-02-27
OPC BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD 228 Park Ave S, 45956, New York 2018-02-27
THE MPACE GROUP, P.C. 70 East 10th Street, Apartment 6s, New York 2018-02-26
KAZAK ONLINE GROUP INC 202 E 13th St #5e, New York 2018-02-26
BOWMAN REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, LLC 336 E. 19th Street, Apt. G, New York 2018-02-23
J30 LLC 110 Third Ave 18b, New York 2018-02-23
151EIGHTH STONE GP LLC 30 East 9th Street, #3bb, New York 2018-02-23