Duran, Michael
Fire Batt Chf*asst Chief

Position: Fire Batt Chf*asst Chief

Duran, Michael is employed with City of Phoenix. The job title is Fire Batt Chf*asst Chief.

Employee Overview

Full Name Duran, Michael
Job Position Title Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief
Annual Salary $134,971.20
Union CD 019
Fiscal Year 2020

Salary History

Year Position Title Annual Salary
2020 Building Maint Worker*u2 $56,513.60
2020 Fire Batt Chf*asst Chief $134,971.20
2019 Building Maint Worker*u2 $56,513.60
2019 Fire Batt Chf*asst Chief $134,971.20
2018 Building Maint Worker*u2 $55,203.20
2018 Fire Batt Chf*asst Chief $130,208.00
2017 Fire Batt Chf*division $101,400.00
2017 Building Maint Worker*u2 $55,203.20
2016 Building Maint Worker*u2 $55,203.20
2016 Fire Batt Chf*division $100,297.60
2015 Building Maint Worker*u2 $55,203.20
2015 Fire Captain*40hr $97,427.20
2014 Building Maint Worker*u2 $55,203.20
2014 Fire Captain*40hr $97,427.20

Employer Overview

Number of Employees 17202
Maximum Salary $314,999
Average Salary $65,344
Name Position Title Salary Year
Zuercher, Edward City Manager (NC) $314,999.36 2020
Williams, Jeri Police Chief (NC) $208,166.40 2020
Sorensen, Kathryn Water Services Director (NC) $189,092.80 2020
Stotler, Cynthia Housing Director (NC) $165,776.00 2020
Bennett, James Deputy City Manager (NC) $237,057.60 2020
Knudson, Kini Street Transportation Dir (NC) $174,158.40 2020
Velez, Briiana Asst Street Transportation Dir $143,436.80 2020
Hambric, Steen Asst Chief Information Officer $176,488.00 2020
Certa, Cynthia City Judge (NC) $149,381.44 2020
Giudice, Joseph Asst Public Works Director $143,436.80 2020

Position Information

Employees with the same position

Name Position Title Salary Year
Kreis, Timothy Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $132,787.20 2020
Gonzales, Mark Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $134,763.20 2020
Jamison, Shelly Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $136,219.20 2020
Seville, Daniel Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $143,124.80 2020
Tobin, Brian Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $148,761.60 2018
Bartee, Kelvin Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $142,812.80 2017
Krushak, Scott Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $149,385.60 2017
Harms, Todd Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $146,057.60 2016
Bartee, Rickie Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $143,549.12 2015
Jamison, Ron Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief $148,403.84 2015
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Position Fire Batt Chf*Asst Chief

Similar employees

Name Position Title Salary Year
Duran, David Equipment Op III $51,376.00 2020
Duran, Lupe Caseworker I $50,523.20 2020
Rosa-Duran, Crystal Secretary III $38,958.40 2020
Duran, Miguel Police Officer $74,900.80 2020
Duran, Frank Police Officer $74,900.80 2020
Duran Patron, Lucero Secretary II $29,640.00 2018
Duran, Monique Police Recruit (NC) $47,798.40 2020
Duran, Valentina Account Clerk III $25,261.60 2020
Duran, Steve Water Customer Services Spv I $65,520.00 2020
Duran, Deanna Court/Legal Clerk III $48,380.80 2020

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Dataset Information

Data Provider City of Phoenix, Human Resources
Jurisdiction City of Phoenix

This dataset includes 17 thousand employees worked in City of Phoenix. Each employee is disclosed with complete with full names, department, position, annual salarie, etc.