Telephone Number (888) 200-0381
2 spam complaints in 2 cities

Address: Hornell, Princeton
Telephone: 1-888-200-0381

(888) 200-0381 is telephone number. There are 2 do-not-call or robocall complaints reported to Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Number Overview

(888) 200-0381 is a telephone number. There are 2 do-not-call or robocall complaints reported to Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Do Not Call and Robocall Complaints

Telephone 1-888-200-0381
Violation Date 2020-06-20 ~ 2021-02-28
Consumer City HORNELL, Princeton
Consumer State New Jersey, New York
Consumer Area Code 607, 609
Subject Charities
No Subject Provided
Complaint Count 2
Recorded Message Or Robocall Count 50%

Recent Complaint Reports

Violation DateConsumer CitySubjectRecorded Message Or Robocall
2020-06-20 08:44:00Princeton New Jersey (609)No Subject ProvidedY
2021-02-28 13:13:00HORNELL New York (607)CharitiesN

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Dataset Information

This dataset includes 1 million telephone numbers recorded by Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and other government agencies. The dataset by the Federal Trade Commission includes information on Do Not Call and robocall complaints reported. This contains information reported by consumers, including the telephone number originating the unwanted call, the date the complaint was created, the time the call was made, the consumer’s city and state locations reported, the subject of the call, and whether the call was a robocall.

Data Provider U.S Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Others
Jurisdiction North America