Dr. Michelle A. Zaniewski, MD

Address: 17070 Red Oak Dr #103, Houston, TX 77090, United States
Phone: +1 281-580-7401

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Place Name Dr. Michelle A. Zaniewski, MD
Average Rating 3
Place Address 17070 Red Oak Dr #103
TX 77090
United States
Vicinity 17070 Red Oak Drive #103, Houston
Phone Number (281) 580-7401
International Phone +1 281-580-7401
Website http://www.aestheticservicesmd.com/
Place Type doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Operating hours Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


  • ★★★☆☆ Maria L

    I've been coming here for years, I can honestly say that dr z has lost her bedside manners all she does is rush you in and out of the room, I understand she is busy but geez she can atleast act like she cares. another thing I've noticed if you are her first or last patient of the day you will get called 1000 times so you can move the appointment to a different time for some odd reason, after a while it just gets annoying and frustrating due to the fact that I chose these times for a reason such as work, meetings, etc . over all she is good at what she does I've never had complications with her or her PA (which is wonderful) her staff is so polite and friendly I believe that the office keeps on going because of them, every time I go they're always so hectic with the phones, checking in/out patients and the piles and piles of charts (you would think she would have changed to digital records by now with all the patients they see daily).


    I am so very DISAPPOINTED in what I just experienced with Dr. Zaniewski's office. I was attempting to give them another chance because of Dr. Zaniewski's credentials but I am completely done. When initially making an appointment with this doctor they fail to tell you that you will not see the doctor you made the appointment with (Dr. Z) you will see a PA on your initial visit. Very sneaky! Then when I made the second appointment they tried to do it again. Who would think that when you make an appointment to see a doctor that you have to again request to see that doctor. You would assume that you do not have to request each time to schedule the appointment with the doctors who's name is on the door, on the website, etc... With this office I feel that there is some trickery / sneakyness involved. It would not be so bad to use PA's instead of the doctor who you called to see if they were just upfront about it, but NO you will not know until Dr. Z does not walk in the room. To me in my opinion that is quite shady. My last appointment with Dr. Z was January 2014 and it is now October of 2015. I called to make an appointment even though what I had experienced in the past (2014) because she has all of my records, x-rays, and test. I thought I would give them another chance and I was prepared this time. I stated I would like to make an appointment and I am not a new patient and I want to make this appointment with Dr. Z and not the PA. They made the appointment for Monday at 1:30pm and then looked in the records and said "you are considered a new patient because you have not been her in over a year so you will need to see the PA." Here we go again I thought to myself.....Trickery!!! I said she has seen me before and I am not new and I would like to see her and not a PA. I want to see the doctor that I am paying to see not a PA. She put me on hold and said "that is our policy and that initial patients must see the PA first and then after that you can see Dr. Z" I said are you willing to loose a patient and for me to go some where else over this because I do not want to see a PA I want to see Dr, Z. She put me on hold and and came back and said" yes go ahead". Meaning go on and go somewhere else because this is our policy and that is that. It just seems to me they look for any reason to pawn off the PA's on people rather than have you see the Dr. This was always an issue from the beginning with this office and they are not upfront and honest about it. I will be going to another endocrinologist and I let the person know that I would be posting a comment on line regarding this experience. If you are looking specifically to see Dr. Z in this office you have to request to see the doctor that you are calling about or otherwise they will set your appointment with a PA. For some people that might be just fine but I personally want to see the doctor that I am paying to see. I do feel that the process is some what dishonest and misleading. I think that Dr. Z has so many people that want to see her that she can not see them all so she has other PA's working for her. Which is fine but you should not have to jump through hoops to see the main doctor of the office. In previous visits I only saw Dr. Z one time the other visits were with the PA. This is my opinion of this doctors office and what I experienced and I am only posting this to tell and inform others of what they will run into if you choose Dr. Z to be your endocrinologist. They will probably respond that this is our policy but when making appointments after the initial visit they do not ask or give you a choice to see a PA or the Dr because it will default to the PA and you have to make a fuss to make an appointment with the Dr.

  • ★☆☆☆☆ Mara Roberts

    I went to this dr. for over a year and i saw Dr. Z ONCE, her interns are nice but they are INTRENS not doctors. All they did was have me draw my blood every 2 weeks give me meds (that did not work) and charge me riducleous co-pays. I had a Thyroid storm and was hospilized for 4 days and all they did was keep me on the same meds. I'm still sick and off meds for 7 months but i will not give this office another dime of my money. Horrible Doctor!!!!!!!

  • ★☆☆☆☆ Zamarii Nkem Alayne

    Don't believe the negative reviews about this doctor?? Neither did I BUT if you choose to go, don't say you were not WARNED!!!! Found this dr. online after search for carboxy therapy for stretchmark reduction. I was so excited because I've wanted to rid stretchmarks for a while and this procedure appeared promising so I called and scheduled an appt. for hormone testing and carboxy. My visit turned out like the other disgruntled past reviewers. Pros: Cons: -WAIT TIME WAS HORRENDOUS When I read the past reviews about wait time, I said I'm sure it's changed by now, I WAS WRONG!! My wait to be initially seen was over 30 minutes even though there were only two other people in waiting area. I had two separate appointments, once the dr. or asst. came in for the appt., each appt. was about 10 minutes of questions but I was there for over two (2) hours - OFFICE STAFF DOES NOT PREPARE PATIENT PROPERLY FOR WHAT TO EXPECT Before I was about to be treated for carboxy, the assistant asked about history of keloids, which I have. Dr. Zaniewski came in told me it was too much of a risk and I could form a keloid from treatment. I appreciated her concern, however, for this to be a reason not to treat, this question was never brought up during the scheduling of the appt. if I knew that I couldn't be treated with carboxy due to history of keloids, I wouldn't have drove 45 minutes from Houston and wasted time and money. I didn't ask about it during scheduling because none of the research I did mentioned keloid formation as a side effect. -I needed blood work for my appt. but not once did the scheduling asst. advise me that I needed to fast prior to my appt. I took it upon myself to fast just in case BUT professionally the person scheduling for blood work should not assume that a patient knows this. I called the day of my appt. to inquire if I needed to fast and the scheduler tells me that yes I need to fast but if I didn't fast I could always come back another day. Really?!!? Please take more accountability for your patients. Don't assume they know what should be done prior to an appointment. If people are scheduled more in line with the doctors realistic abilities - wait times would not exceed two (2) hours for two 15 minute appointments. Unless changes are made, it is obvious by the numerous reviewers saying the same thing, this place will remain a wreck.

  • ★★★★★ Shauna Clifford

    I saw another endocrinologist who was not very nice. My family doctor referred me to see Dr. Zaniewski. I was impressed by her credentials. I researched her and found out that she was selected as one of Houston's Top Docs. On my first visit, the office staff made me feel comfortable. They were very professional and courteous. I was asked to get blood work and a thyroid ultrasound. Dr. Zaniewski reviewed my neck ultrasound and found out that I had thyroid nodules. I was asked to get a FNA Thyroid biopsy, which she performed at her office. At the next visit she told me that my biopsy results showed I had thyroid cancer. Although I felt very nervous and anxious, she reassured me and explained the follow up treatment. I was sent to a surgeon to remove my thyroid, who sent me back to Dr. Z for follow up treatment after surgery. Thank You Dr. Z I am now cancer free!

Place Location

Full Address 17070 Red Oak Dr #103, Houston, TX 77090, United States
Geo (Latitude, Longitude) (30.0191345, -95.4446325)
Subpremise 103
Street Number 17070
Route Red Oak Drive (Red Oak Dr)
Locality Houston
Administrative Division - Level 1 Texas (TX)
Country United States (US)
Postal Code 77090

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