Sacramento Business Licenses

Jurisdiction: Sacramento
Source: City of Sacramento, Finance Department, Revenue Division

This dataset includes 90 thousand business entities registered Business Operation Tax (BOT) certificates with the City of Sacramento, Finance Department, Revenue Division. All businesses that operate in the City of Sacramento or do business with the City of Sacramento must have a Business Operation Tax certificate. A Business Operation Tax Certificate (BOT) is the equivalent of a business license in other jurisdictions. Each business is registered with account number, business name, owner name, location, mail address, certificate date and status, etc.

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Business Name Owner Office Address Description Application Date
Online Trading Academy Ota Franchise 3741 Douglas Blvd, 100, Roseville, CA 95661-4256 Education Services 2018/03/01
World Class Trading Muzaffar Lal 56 Waterglen Cir, Sacramento, CA 95826-1751 Buy and Selling Goods 2017/06/13
California Trading Center Seyed Mostoufi 8708 Brigham Way, Sacramento, CA 95826 Export-Import 2016/10/12
Home Town Trading Inc Li Tan 1099 Vine St, 206, Sacramento, CA 95811-0335 Import/Export of Home Decorations 2012/01/11
G&s Trading Company Nabi Industries, Inc. 8460 Belvedere Ave, 3, Sacramento, CA 95826-5905 Wholesale Electronics 2011/07/18
Kl Trading Co Keith Liang 6821 Stockton Bl, 120, Sacramento, CA 95831 Import and Export Cd and Dvds 2009/05/18
Aj Trading Raihsi, Sulinder S & Ajitpal S 4855 Watseka Way, Sacramento, CA 95835 Commisssion Merchandies 2009/01/01
Csc Trading Arciga, Michael P. 2976 Maybrook Dr, Sacramento, CA 95835 Internet Sales 2008/10/01
Rainbow Trading Co. Chan, Stanley 7684 Masters St, Elk Grove, CA 95758 Wholesale 2008/01/01
Edlou Trading Iturrlde, Maria-Luisa S 7607 Elder Creek Rd, Sacramento, CA 95824 Trading 2006/01/01 Wong, Fu W. 5690 Valletta Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820 Online/Flea Market Sales 2005/04/01
Circle Pacific Trading Co Eastley, Bruce W. 524 Rivergate Way, Sacramento, CA 95831 Import-Export 2004/10/01
The Trading Post Redden, Shriley J 4325 Raley Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95838 Household Merchandise 2004/07/01
Ming Ly Trading Co. James To 7391 Marani Way, Sacramento, CA 95831-4504 Trading of Tea 2013/07/26
Tansev Trading Tanya Sevruk 8521 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826-3707 Retail Clothing & Accessories 2009/08/05
Tri Js Trading Jinbo Tan 7732 Masters St, Elk Grove, CA 95758-7246 Used Car Wholesale Sale Export-Office Only 2014/06/18
R&r Trading Rafik Kherouani 1104 Corporate Way, Sacramento, CA 95831-3875 Import-Export 2009/11/05
Blue Sky Trading Company Joe Hahnz 5714 Folsom Blvd, 258, Sacramento, CA 95819-4608 Internet Sales/Direct Ship 2010/03/22
Jay's Recycling and Trading Company Jia Yang 26 Benoit Ct, Sacramento, CA 95823-6352 Buy/Sell Recycling Products 2011/04/29
Black Sands Trading Company Ryan Zembo 5507 Jerry Litell Way, Sacramento, CA 95835-1717 Internet Sales / Drop Ship 2010/08/31
Old Sacramento Trading Post Ahmad, Seit-Eddin M 1115 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95814 Indian Jewelry & Antiques 2008/04/01
Kashiyama Trading Inc. Riichiro Kashiyama 1104 Corporate Way, Sacramento, CA 95831-3875 Wholesale 2019/01/23
Helenna's Trading Company Helen Liu 8001 39th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824-3334 Clothes Tailoring From International Trade 2011/12/27
The Trading Post Gloria Denecochea 400 Capitol Mall, 130, Sacramento, CA 95814-4403 General Store 2019/04/17
L&m Auto Trading Esam Eldain Bakr Elmorshedy 5701 88th St, A, Sacramento, CA 95828-1136 Used Car Dealer 2011/06/20
Mctran Wholesale Trading Victor Tran 3102 O St, 3, Sacramento, CA 95816-6544 Drop Ship Delivery To Restaurants & Call Ctr Ofice 2011/10/26
Twin River Trading Co Jesse Saldivar 8521 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826-3707 Sales of Household Goods 2011/11/07
Truststone International Trading Co Carol Kam 30 Carver Ct, Sacramento, CA 95835-1252 Import /Export Consumer Goods 2017/05/04
Pan American Huayu Import/Export Trading Co Jackie Lui 7643 Tierra Wood Way, Sacramento, CA 95828-2320 Trading Wholesale (baskets) 2012/06/08
Nowhere Trading Post Larry Loheit 8521 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826-3707 Misc Garage Sale Items 2014/04/14
Melody Trading Micheal Farrace 5024 12th Av, Sacramento, CA 95820 Internet Retail Posters 2015/06/09
American International Oil & Gas Trading Company Salah Althami 770 L St, 950, Sacramento, CA 95814-3361 Middle Man Between Oil Companies and Contractors 2013/08/30
Two Moons Trading Company Edith Camacho 3400 27th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820-4722 Jewelry Handcrafted 2013/11/25
L & M International Trading Company Helen Liu 8001 39th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824-3334 Internet Mail Orders 2016/01/19
Fmja Trading Enterprise Ferdinand Bonifacio 6051 Mack Rd, 1, Sacramento, CA 95823-4668 Money Transmitter 2019/12/31
Goldfield Trading Post Goldfield Trading Post, LLC 1630 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814-2021 Restaurant 2020/06/09
Advanced Materials Trading Co. Inc. Griff Reid 1730 I St, 100, Sacramento, CA 95811-3015 Wood Products 2019/09/20
Dnd Trading Co Dsd Solution, Inc 8167 Belvedere Ave, B, Sacramento, CA 95826-4765 Export Trading 2017/09/26
Amaya Trading, Inc. Nadim Rehman 2938 Muttonbird Way, Sacramento, CA 95834-2623 Auto Sales & Diabetic Supplies 2016/07/22
Festival Trading Co. Corwin Lee 2631 Lycoming Ct, Sacramento, CA 95826-3159 E-Commerce Business Selling Festival Merchandise 2020/10/26
Iling's Trading Company Iling Hsieh 7867 Manorside Dr, Sacramento, CA 95832-1260 Export & Import Baby Accessories 2015/02/23
Sp Us Trading, LLC Paul Vang 2330 Fruitridge Rd, 6, Sacramento, CA 95822-3156 Currency Pip 2015/05/01
Esi Trading Company Kwok Wong 477 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, A, Sacramento, CA 95811-0222 Import & Export 2017/10/23
Marysville Trading Company Stephan Thai 3213 Marysville Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815-1410 2014/06/16
L.i.m Trading Diana Zhong 6361 13th St, Sacramento, CA 95831-1803 Internet Sales 2018/08/06
T-Line Trading Anthony Lewis 3112 O St, 8, Sacramento, CA 95816-6579 Trading Stock 2017/06/29
Bt Royal Trading Inc Bt Royal Trading, Inc 4800 Westlake Pkwy, 2302, Sacramento, CA 95835-2084 Online Retail 2016/11/08
Al Trading Company Alan Liang 7864 Rodriguez Cir, Sacramento, CA 95829-6606 Import and Export Baby Accessories 2016/10/04
Jolly Trading Co Miles Jolly 2616 2nd Ave, 11, Sacramento, CA 95818 Processed Food Company 2020/04/01
Vue Trading Company Xue Vue 8524 Carlin Ave, Sacramento, CA 95823-6929 Internet Sales 2017/12/07
Ker Hmong Custom Trading Ker Vue 7742 Quinby Way, Sacramento, CA 95823-4110 Custom Clothing 2019/12/20
Truststone International Trading Alex Pang 30 Carver Ct, Sacramento, CA 95835-1252 Export 2020/10/07
Kim Ngan Trading Ngan Le 1831 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822-4243 Dried, Fruits, Seafood, Candies, Cookies Cakes Fruit Seeds 2020/12/10
Mariposa Trading Co Abdul Basit 5261 Euler Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 Online Amazon Store 2018/05/13
Bay Area Tradings Muhammad Nazir 6965 Luther Dr, Ste 10, Sacramento, CA 95823-1824 E Cig and Vapors Wholesale 2019/03/27
Mariposa Trading Company LLC Abdul Basit 5261 Euler Way, Sacramento, CA 95823-5580 Online Amazon Store 2018/06/18
Ram Trading Andrey Ravlyuk 1335 Cannon St, Sacramento, CA 95815-2608 Internet Sales of Small Equipment, Appliance Parts 2020/08/06
G B Trading LLC 8351 Umbria Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828-0956 Buying Agent for Foreign Cigar Company 2018/08/23
Gb Trading LLC 8351 Umbria Ave, 5, Sacramento, CA 95828 Cigar Company 2018/10/03
J&r Trading Corporation James Kong 8151 Fruitridge Rd, D, Sacramento, CA 95826-4759 Cannabis Cultivation 2018/12/01
Prohibition Trading Co Antonio Curiel 4125 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95820-1134 Bar Lounge & Patio 2019/04/05
Lapuz Trading Stop Emily Lapuz 8521 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826-3707 Sale of Collectibles Including Movies, Games & Toys 2020/04/01
B.a.l. Trading LLC Berk R Kurtulus 3096 Tintorera Way, Sacramento, CA 95833-4408 Import/Distribution of Agriculture Irrigation 2020/10/16
Gawper Trading 5757 Van Eyck Way, Sacramento, CA 95835-2334 Online Sales 2019/12/20
Trading Spaces Auto Sales LLC Trading Spaces Auto Sales, LLC 721 N B St, 32, Sacramento, CA 95811-0301 Auto Dealer 2020/11/23
Dave Trading Kojo Davidson 3300 20th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820-3812 Trading. Buying and Selling 2020/07/17
Riverside Trading LLC 5960 S Po Box Need New Location Dr, 1137, Sacramento, CA 95822-3313 Internet Retail 2020/07/21
Silos Trading Shelby Silos 7640 Leaverite Way, Sacramento, CA 95828 Online Sales of General Merchandise. 2020/08/26
Moe Joe Trading 4510 Brookfield Dr, Sacramento, CA 95823-3702 Retail Trading 2020/09/08
Abc Trading (usa) LLC 1900 Railroad Dr, B, Sacramento, CA 95815-3506 Cultivation 2020/09/16
Bowen Trading Co. Rouch, Robert L 5000 64th St, Sacramento, CA 95820 Trading Company 2008/07/01
Mak's Trading Co. Mak, Vai Choi 931 Sunwood Way, Sacramento, CA 95831 Import/Export 2009/09/04
Madrid Santa Fe Trading, Inc. Marla Madrid 6260 Belleau Wood Ln, 2, Sacramento, CA 95822-5923 Tortilla Bakery 2018/01/11
Tl Trading Company Lee, Timothy 7727 River Landing Dr, Sacramento, CA 95831 Import 2006/01/01
Lucky Trading Co. Wu, Yin 7101 Sherice Ct, Sacramento, CA 95831 Plastic Bag 2005/07/01
Mne's Trading Post Carranco, Edward M 6936 Maita Cr Cir, Sacramento, CA 95820 Outside Sales,Ceramics& Native 2006/01/01
Wakata Trading Verza, Diego 4847 Broadwater Dr, Sacramento, CA 95835 Wholesale 2005/01/01
Zanzibar Trading Co. Farrell. Scott E. 1901 Capitol Ave, B, Sacramento, CA 95811 Import/Export Retail Sales 2005/01/01
Thunder Mountain Trading Co Thorpe, David Paul 908 15th St, B, Sacramento, CA 95814 Coffee and Sandwich Shop 2006/07/01
East South Wind Trading Co Stevenson, Richard C 1411 Birchwood Ln, Sacramento, CA 95822 Trading Goods and Services 2008/10/01
America & Asia Trading Co Wong, Marco 840 N 10th St, E&f, Sacramento, CA 95811 Import & Whole Sales 2013/01/02
Shun Tai Trading Company Lam Yeung, So K 2741 Fruitridge Rd, 4, Sacramento, CA 95820 Misc Merchandise Sales 2006/01/01
Jackie Trading Co Voong, Jackie 19 Burke Ct, Sacramento, CA 95824 Delivery Restaurant Supply 2009/04/22
Weibo Int. Trading Co Huang, Jie 1914 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95811 Trade & Wholesale 2014/04/11
Jr International Trading Ltd Wong, Mitchell 5925 Stockton Blvd, C, Sacramento, CA 95824 Scooter Sales 2007/07/01
Gotoone Trading Company Chung, Shek C. 6340 Lark Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95831 Import Product/Sale 2 Retailer 2007/10/01
Bootsie Worldwide Trading Barrow, Gilbert E. 6270 Lake Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95831 Import & Export 2005/10/01
Shao Trading Usa Shao, Jian Mini Mall Bld, 650, Travis Afb, CA 94535 Retail 2008/01/01
D.a.t. Trading LLC. Dat Brandon Tran 8185 Belvedere Ave, D, Sacramento, CA 95826-4739 Restaurant Supplies Wholesale 2013/03/22
Pak Global Trading Company Inc Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry 2471 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822-2243 Textile Products/Uniforms 2020/10/07
Yong De International Trading Hau, Karen 545 Downtown Plz, 1101, Sacramento, CA 95814 Gift/Art Store 2006/07/01
Hover Trading Company Wong, Danny 7709 Bellini Way, Sacramento, CA 95828 Wholesale 2008/10/01
Flint Trading Inc Jensen, Hans 115 Todd Ct, Thomasville, NC 27360 Road Marking Material Sales 2005/07/01
D T Trading Phu, Tom A 2630 5th St, 28, Sacramento, CA 95818 Distribution 2008/04/01
Natural Mystic Trading Company Nitrio, Jennifer A 4218 57th St, Sacramento, CA 95820 Handmade Crafts 2007/07/01
Spirit Wolf Trading Post Craig, Ronald A 1525 Grace Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838 Crafts 2005/07/01
Blue Nile Trading Williams, Donald V. 6829 Ewing Way, Sacramento, CA 95828 Marble & Granite Sales 2008/04/01
Laurente Trading Villegas, Reynaldo D 1250 Sutterville Rd, 250, Sacramento, CA 95822 Import-Export Consultants 2009/01/01
H.l. Trading Huang, Yun Qing 2114 18th St, Sacramento, CA 95818 Merchandises 2006/01/01
Northstar Trading Co Kertelli, Eric C 4806 Kenmar Rd, Sacramento, CA 95835 Internet Sales 2009/07/29