San Diego Business

Jurisdiction: San Diego
Source: City of San Diego, Treasurer-Tax Collector

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities registered Business Tax Certificate wtih the City of San Diego, Treasurer-Tax Collector. Each business is registered with account number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location address, industry code, certificate issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address
Karen Provencio · Adaptive Accounting and Business Solutions 12255 Pipit Ct, San Diego
William J Rose · Accounting Outsource 7761 Belden St, San Diego
Marina T Delkova · Blue Marble Accounting Services 1019 Agate St, San Diego
Anh Tran · Dimension Accounting Services 12761 Legacy Pl, San Diego
Accountingedge Consulting LLC 5205 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad
Iryna S Yablonska · Iy Accounting Solutions 1399 09th Ave, San Diego
Misty Dragon · Green Cloud Accounting 3058 Hawthorn St, San Diego
Boniface Irungu Kurema · Bk Accounting & Tax Consultants 13958 Caminata Breve, San Diego
Edith Rodriguez · Enigma Accounting Solutions 2977 Escala Cir, San Diego
James Lapay · James Lapay Accounting Services 10433 Caminito Mayten, San Diego
Van T Tran · Triple A Accounting Service 10119 Grandview Dr, La Mesa
Christopher Ramirez · Ramirez Accounting 4043 Dalles Ave, San Diego
Sean Reid · Sean Reid Accounting 2932 Vancouver Ave, San Diego
Lynda Geiler · Focus Accounting 4590 Zion Ave, San Diego
Skyyron E Sargent · Sargent Accounting and Tax Consulting Services 4065 60th St, San Diego
James C Carr · Southbay San Diego Accounting 1839 Corbin St, San Diego
Alberto Luna · Alberto Luna Tax Accounting 7079 Appian Dr, San Diego
Preeyapa Brandenburg & Roger D Lee · Bay Park Accounting 2428 Wilbur Ave, San Diego
Heather J Miramontes · Hjm Bookkeeping and Accounting Services 8644 New Salem St, San Diego
Silvia Covarrubias · Accurate Accounting Services 4390 Temecula St, San Diego
Esp Accounting 1286 University Ave, San Diego
Scott M Tan · Scott Tan Tax & Accounting Services 9560 High Park Ln, San Diego
Alvarez Tax & Accounting LLP · Alvarez Tax & Accounting LLP 6727 Flanders Dr, San Diego
Bpo Accounting & Consulting Corp 8880 Rio San Diego Dr, San Diego
Jwb Accounting Corporation 1262 Kettner Blvd, San Diego
Eastridge Finance & Accounting LLC · Eastridge Workforce Solutions 2355 Northside Dr, San Diego
Mary Ann Mccusker · Filam Tax and Accounting 5629 Soledad Rd, La Jolla
Paragon Accounting Group Inc · Paragon Accounting 2121 05th Ave, San Diego
Bottom Line Tax & Accounting LLC 16885 W Bernardo Oaks Dr, San Diego
John K Coffin · Miramar Accounting & Tax Service 8670 Miramar Rd, San Diego
Joanne Renee Mitchell · Joanne Mitchell Accounting 8063 Balboa Ave, San Diego
F C Payroll Inc. · F C Payroll Accounting 16959 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego
American Business College Inc · The Accounting Academy 7283 Engineer Rd, San Diego
Amy K Jacobs · Jacobs Accounting 13928 Cayucos Ct, San Diego
Sandra L Weeks · Sandra Weeks Accounting Services 5834 Malvern Ct, San Diego
Accounting Masters LLC 5204 Caminito Exquisito, San Diego
Andrew W Hutton · Hutton Investigative Accounting 12671 High Bluff Dr, San Diego
Kevin Le & Thuy Lynn Nguyen · Capital Tax & Accounting Services 7783 Canyon Point Ln, San Diego
Norma D Thielman · Normas Tax Preparation Accounting & Notary Service 7490 Guthrie Way, San Diego
Cleopatra Settle · Cs Accounting Services 11694 Cypress Canyon Rd, San Diego
Blue Apple Accounting Inc 7676 Caminito Coromandel, La Jolla
Indevia Accounting Inc 2667 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego
Kaleen S Riccio · Riccio's Accounting Service 4640 Highway 78, Julian
Pierre El Khaouli · Jc & Accounting Services 4411 Mercury St, San Diego
Kvb Accounting, Inc 5941 Stresemann St, San Diego
Angela M Egner · Ame Accounting 3705 Balboa Ter, San Diego
Sandra Anderson · Sandras Accounting Services 9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd, San Diego
Cbiz Accounting Tax and Advisory of San Diego LLC · Cbiz Accounting Tax and Advisory LLC 10616 Scripps Summit Ct, San Diego
Sylvia Bajor · Books In Balance, Accounting Services 3120 Courser Ave, San Diego
At Accounting Services Inc 13264 Deer Canyon Pl, San Diego
Meredith Maccracken · Maccracken Accounting Services 5017 Ducos Pl, San Diego
Nds Accounting Services Inc 2065 01st Ave, San Diego
Martin & Susan Malk · Klamson Financial & Accounting Services Inc 3044 Curie St, San Diego
Leta Gold · Leta Gold Accounting Services 1856 Chalcedony St, San Diego
Jd Accounting Professionals Inc 7175 Calabria Ct, San Diego
Wendy M Aragon · Uptown Accounting Services 2928 29th St, San Diego
Tag Management Inc · The Accounting Group 1227 Prospect St, La Jolla
Asap Accounting & Billing Services 4740 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego
Marylou Lamanna · Lamanna Accounting Services 4475 Mission Blvd, San Diego
Nfpaacounting Technologies Inc · Nfp Accounting Technologies 4540 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego
Bajor Marta G · Marta Bajor Accounting Service 1755 Castellana Rd, La Jolla
Breskin Manijeh S · Advanced Accounting & Management 8631 Kilbourn Dr, La Jolla
Li Renchan · Ren Accounting & Business Software/ren Company 10666 Calston Way, San Diego
Gillo Roberto G/gillo Theresa M · Rgg Enterprises - Rgg Bookkeeping and Accounting 12139 Royal Lytham Row, San Diego
Small Business Accounting Inc 12463 Rancho Bernardo Rd, San Diego
Edgemon William R · Taxwise Accounting Services 4635 Louisiana St, San Diego
Miklos Iren · Im Accounting 5285 Mount Alifan Dr, San Diego
Serious Accounting Software Inc 10616 Frank Daniels Way, San Diego
Yochum Accounting & Tax Inc · Yochum Accounting & Tax 6552 Glidden St, San Diego
Jacks Patricia L · Professional Accounting Today 5790 Friars Rd, San Diego
M J and S B Leslie · Accounting Services 4953 68th St, San Diego
Mcgough Lynn · Encore Tax & Accounting 2131 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad
Farsoudi/farsoudi · Pine Accounting & Management Services 4540 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego
Steve M Purqurian · Quality Accounting Services 12766 Calle De Las Rosas, San Diego
Corlett Rose A · Rose Corlett Accounting 2947 West Canyon Ave, San Diego
Dave Daksha B · Dave Accounting Service 9730 Oviedo St, San Diego
Takahashi Toshiko & Akira · Japanese Academic & Accounting Center/japanese Lan 11810 Calamar Dr, San Diego
Swall Financial Services Inc · Cunocar Accounting Service of San Diego 425 25th St, San Diego
R Navarro & Associates - Accounting Firm · R Navarro & Associates 2375 Northside Dr, San Diego
Melvin Goldberg Accounting Corp · Melvin Goldberg Accountancy Corp 8144 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa
Ellenore Williams · Abacus Accounting Services 9515 Easter Way Suite 5, San Diego
Jing Qi · Aq Tax & Accounting / Aq Tax 7380 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Suite 110, San Diego
Constance A Biewer · Biewer Accounting & Auditing Services 1904 Illion St, San Diego
Dennis & Deborah Champagne · Champagne Consulting/champagne Accounting 2727 De Anza Rd Suite L43, San Diego
Jacob Haslebacher · Jacob Haslebacher Tax and Accounting Services 2305 Meade Ave Suite 2, San Diego
Machado & Hu Accounting Services LLC 7590 Fay Ave Suite 518, La Jolla
Onofre L Mendiola · Mendiola Accounting and Tax Services 6184 Dracaena Ct, San Diego
Jordan Mentz · Mentz Accounting Solutions 10224 Maya Linda Rd Suite 15, San Diego
Joel Medenelli · Mja Accounting & Tax 5425 Oberlin Dr Suite 206, San Diego
Cynthia R Amezcua · Cra Tax & Accounting 1270 Picador Blvd Suite D, San Diego
Jody Luke · Mass Street Accounting 4535 Terraza Ct, San Diego
Panthera Accounting & Finance Inc · Panthera Accounting & Finance 3830 Elijah Ct Suite 415, San Diego
Janet B Spratford · Spratford Accounting Services 6455 Caminito Listo, San Diego