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Jurisdiction: San Diego
Source: City of San Diego, Treasurer-Tax Collector

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities registered Business Tax Certificate wtih the City of San Diego, Treasurer-Tax Collector. Each business is registered with account number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location address, industry code, certificate issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address
Fredis A Pleitez · Ap Cleaning Systems 4972 Lace Pl, San Diego
Dana E Ramos Lugo · Angie's House Cleaning 821 E 04th St, National City
Kirk E Cameron · Kirks Cleaning Services 1426 Robinson Ave, San Diego
Robert D Jones & Trisstin M Jones · Man Vs Carpet Cleaning Company 8622 Larkdale Ave, San Diego
Alejandro Alarcon Reyes · Bentancourt Cleaning Services 3205 Highland Ave, San Diego
David C Gutierrez · Macuquina Floor Cleaning 5757 University Ave, San Diego
Brandon Michel Nieves Carillo · Prolific Cleaning Services 5071 Wightman St, San Diego
Eva G Mcclinton · Mcclinton Cleaning Service 4276 Euclid Ave 1/2, San Diego
Norma Rodriguez · Rodriguez Cleaning 6393 Potomac St, San Diego
Ezequiel Garcia · Allstar Commercial Cleaning 4805 Mercury St, San Diego
Erika Reyes · C&e Cleaning Services 325 S 33rd St, San Diego
Roberto Oliva Hernandez · Royca Cleaning 2914 Fairmount Ave 1/2, San Diego
Ashleyj Lara & Jose M Martinez · A and Js House Cleaning Services 1419 F Ave, National City
Gregorio G Aceves · Sun City Cleaning Solutions 929 09th Ave, San Diego
Mario R Barahona · Dynamic Cleaning Service 1030 S 39th St, San Diego
Michael Denny · British Commercial Cleaning 16769 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego
Curtis A Caldwell · 4c's Construction Cleaning Company 2727 Boston Ave, San Diego
Fernando Nielson · Rapido Cleaning Services 2228 Fenton Pky, San Diego
Guadalupe Nanco · Dust Off Cleaning Service 7334 Fulton St, San Diego
Mayan Cleaning Services Inc 6643 Tiffin Ave, San Diego
Irving Santos · Community Transformation Cleaning 1224 E 18th St, National City
Mireya Helm · Mia & Delfi Cleaning Services 3111 K St, San Diego
Claudia Conde and Edgar Conde · Condes Cleaning Services 4326 Copeland Ave, San Diego
Jesica Ramirez · Jesica Cleaning Service 9961 San Juan St, Spring Valley
Eva Gonzalez & James Mcclinton · Team Mcclinton Cleaning Services 4276 Euclid Ave 1/2, San Diego
Veronica Medellin Ocaranza · Ansano's Bright Cleaning Services 307 Orange Ave, Chula Vista
Maria Carmen Ortega · Maria's Cleaning Services 1430 E Lexington Ave, El Cajon
Edwin Allen Inducil Angeles · Ksa Cleaning Services 5225 Trojan Ave, San Diego
Nereyda Hernandez · Pichis Ney General Cleaning 1027 S 32nd St, San Diego
Sikirat Apatira & Gbolatian Apatira · Patra Cleaning & Conceipre Services 6625 Alvarado Rd, San Diego
Cristina Calderon · Cristy's Cleaning Service 590 Casselman St, Chula Vista
Lilia Gonzalez · Lily's Magic Cleaning 4467 Manitou Way, San Diego
Emyll S Lantacon · Mb Cleaning Services 708 E 22nd St, National City
Roxana A Merino · M E Z Cleaning Service 4183 Highland Ave, San Diego
Robert Carter · Westcoast Cleaning 7914 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa
Ana L Cabrera · Ana Cleaning Services 9064 Meghan Ct, Spring Valley
The Cleaning Company of California Inc · The Cleaning Company 12526 High Bluff Dr, San Diego
Luis A Vargas · Luigy Cleaning Services 816 Hollister St, San Diego
Mikre Haileselassie · Amanuel Cleaning Service 9110 Judicial Dr, San Diego
Danny R Olivas · Olivas Cleaning Ghosts 13608 Pomerado Rd, Poway
Luviano Cleaning Solutions LLC 649 Cotton St, San Diego
Francisco D Soto Sesma · Socal Standard Cleaning 4459 Florida St 1/2, San Diego
Leonzo Gamez · Life Plus Carpet Cleaning and Services 1202 Fallbrook Ct, Bonita
Gloria Gonzalez · Duran's House Cleaning 5024 Auburn Dr 1/2, San Diego
Elena Berra · Ebl Cleaning Services 553 G St, Chula Vista
Lisa A Sorgie · Lisa Anns Cleaning Service 840 17th St, San Diego
Jesus E Santiago · Aladin Carpet Cleaning 4667 Thorn St, San Diego
Noemi Orozco Salazar · Aguilar House Cleaning 2240 Morley St, San Diego
Gabriela Fernandez · Gaby's Cleaning Service 2137 E 16th St, National City
Jason A Golding · Superior Window Cleaning Alternatives 5920 Noraak Ct, La Mesa
Ivette Yesenia Roman · Adivett Cleaning Services 604 Tibbett St, San Diego
Jorge Avalos · A&v Cleaning Services 402 63rd St, San Diego
Juan Carlos Mendoza and Maria A Maganda · Bayside Cleaning Services 2789 Treat St, San Diego
Jose Luis Resendiz · Resendiz Cleaning Services 2642 44th St, San Diego
Ana K El Houdaigui · Anas Cleaning Services 3412 Cowley Way, San Diego
Gloria Ramirez & Tania Ramirez · Yhwh Services Cleaning 2686 Ridge View Dr, San Diego
Jw Cleaning Solutions LLC 6764 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
Charles A Akers · Platinum View Window Cleaning 4679 Mission Blvd, San Diego
Elisabeth Acevedo · Del Sol Cleaning Services 911 E 02nd St, National City
Taylor Galvez · Taylors Cleaning Company 4035 Hamilton St, San Diego
Gabriela Ramirez Chavez · Gabby's Cleaning Services 2818 Clay Ave, San Diego
Jose V Reyes · Reyes Cleaning Services 2493 Roll Dr, San Diego
Daniel Margott & Kianna Hanes · Squeegee Window Cleaning 11274 Portobelo Dr, San Diego
Michael Laray Cagle · Next Level Cleaning Services 825 E Palomar St, Chula Vista
Luz Amparo Castro Tapia · Deluxe Cleaning Maintenance Services 739 Florida St, Imperial Beach
Pine Tar Industries LLC · Fish Window Cleaning 3177 3658 Ruffin Rd, San Diego
Gil Larios & Azucena Santana · Az Cleaning 2918 Ridgeway Dr, National City
Carlos Silva · Los S Cleaning Service 269 53rd St, San Diego
Ana M Campos Morales · Alex's Cleaning Services 4330 52nd St, San Diego
Enrique Marin Duron · Ags Cleaning Carpet 499 Dennery Rd, San Diego
Jeffrey Rollon · J & M Prestige Cleaning 4784 Hawley Blvd, San Diego
Marcus Carr · Marcus Carr Cleaning and Sanitation 1523 Merlot Ct, Vista
Fernando Hernandez · Fernando's Cleaning Commercial Services 3762 Logan Ave, San Diego
Pedro A Marquez & Randy E Armas · San Diego Cleaning Team 1536 Kenalan Dr, San Diego
Zaire Garcia · Khalesi Cleaning Services 5694 Mission Center Rd, San Diego
Victor Kiev Garcia Torres · K Precise Cleaning 2235 N Ave, National City
Laura M Lopez & Donato Luna · Jlb Cleaning Services 4649 Altadena Ave, San Diego
Leydi A Avilez · Leydi's Cleaning Company 729 Merlin Dr, San Diego
Erica N Freeman & Jessica L Freeman · San Diego Real Estate Cleaning 1237 Lyons Ln, El Cajon
Silvia Garcia · Silvia's Cleaning 404 Sycamore Rd, San Ysidro
Mayra Espino Alvarez · Eco Shine Cleaning Services 361 Kaymar Dr, San Diego
Oscar Calderon Lazcano & Alma C Martinez Daneshi · Pink Sisters Carpet Cleaning 2404 C St, San Diego
Karla M Nichols · H K Cleaning Services 9848 Summer Sun Ln, Lakeside
Shirley Soares · Shirley's Cleaning 445 Skyline Cir, Fallbrook
Carmen Andrade · Andrade Cleaning Service 4071 Beyer Blvd, San Ysidro
Martha E Negrete · Martha's Cleaning Services 2291 Flushing Dr, San Diego
Raul Higuera & Yesenia Higuera · Cleaningcom 41 E 06th St, National City
Greggory S Karmazin · Pacific View Window Cleaning 11248 Golden Birch Way, San Diego
Brandon D Oatts · Jo's Cleaning Services 3541 Kenora Dr, Spring Valley
Cindy Gutierrez · Carmel Valley Cleaning Crew 4537 Tarantella Ln, San Diego
Jesse Parra · Jesses Deep Cleaning Services 646 Parkbrook St, Spring Valley
Paul Hormann · Hormann Cleaning Services 6252 Caminito Salado, San Diego
Sevastian Hernandez · Alma's Cleaning Services Infinity 616 Garrett Ave, Chula Vista
Jose R Garcia & Maria D Vazquez · Two Brothers Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning 2000 Crofton St, Spring Valley
Marco Mendizabal · Ccr Carpet Cleaning Restoration 1641 Evergreen Ave, San Diego
Juan C Perez · Jc Cleaning Services 2980 E St, San Diego
Brandon Rasha & Rachelle Rasha · B & R Cleaning Services 4434 49th St, San Diego
Lourdes Roiz Urias · Roiz Cleaning Services 2283 Imogene Ave, San Diego
Joe Avalos · San Diego Stellar Cleaning Services 5515 Winchester St, San Diego
April V Stoker · Year Round Spring Cleaning 12541 Metate Ln, Poway