San Francisco Business

Jurisdiction: San Francisco
Source: City and County of San Francisco, Treasurer & Tax Collector’s Office

This dataset includes 227 thousand business locations registered wtih City and County of San Francisco, Treasurer & Tax Collector’s Office. Each business is registered with location account number, legal business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, business start date, location start date, etc.

Ontario · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date
4 U Medical Transit, Llc 3200 Guasti Rd 100, Ontario 2017-12-07
Vertex Coatings, Inc. 1291 State St, Ontario 2017-08-01
Griffin Dewatering, Llc 536 Maitland St, Ontario 2016-05-20
Mdi Spray Equipment 5630 Mission Blvd, Ontario 2016-04-01
The Icee Company 1205 Dupont Ave, Ontario 2016-01-04
Ontario Refrigeration Service Inc 635 Mountain Ave, Ontario 2016-01-01
Hhs Construction Inc 2042 Grove Ave, Ontario 2015-11-23
Interior Solutions Inc 2304 Castle Harbour Place, Ontario 2015-06-23
Martinez Steel Corporation 1500 Haven Ave Ste 150, Ontario 2015-02-01
Westland Heating & Air Con Inc 1427 S Cucamonga Ave, Ontario 2014-07-01
Vertex Coatings Inc 1291 State St, Ontario 2014-03-24
Sign Manufacturing 2101 Carrillo Privado, Ontario 2013-12-12
Core States Const Serv Inc 3401 Centerlake Dr 430, Ontario 2013-10-23
Wavcomm Inc 1429 S Cucamonga Ave, Ontario 2013-04-09
Deangelo Brothers Inc 1459 S Cucamonga Ave, Ontario 2012-05-02
Ge Concepts 1855 E Riverside Dr, Ontario 2012-02-09
American Fleet & Retail Graphi 2091 Del Rio Wy, Ontario 2011-03-07
Concord Foods Inc 4601 Guasti Rd, Ontario 2009-10-02
Generation Equipment Serv Co 1106 E Emporia St, Ontario 2006-01-01
Griffin Dewatering Corp 536 E Maitland St, Ontario 1989-01-02
Tnc 518 Belmont St, Ontario 2016-01-05