Texas Licenses

Jurisdiction: State of Texas
Source: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

This dataset includes 598 thousand licenses issued by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

TARRANT · Search Result

Business Name License Type Office Address Expiration Date
TRAN, BACH YEN THI Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-12-05
GREAT CLIPS - BASSWOOD VILLAGE Cosmetology Beauty Salon 900 N Blue Mound Rd Ste 164, Saginaw, TX 76131-8828 2020-10-06
PIGTAILS AND CREWCUTS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 3008 Texas Sage Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76177 2020-10-06
BROWN, NANCY J Barber, Class A TARRANT 2020-10-01
LUU, MY KIEU Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-10-01
PATINO, EMMA M Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
KENNEDY, MARY ETTA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
DERRINGTON, MELODY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
MOORE, RANDY W Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
KENDALL, DEBRA G Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-30
MEDRANO, MARIA ISABEL Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
TRAN, HUNG VAN Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-30
ADAMS, MARK ANTHONY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
SHELTON'S SALON FORT WORTH Cosmetology Beauty Salon 2731 S Hulen, Fort Worth, TX 76109 2020-09-29
SHELTON'S SALON ARLINGTON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 2122 W Park Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76013 2020-09-29
SAMUEL, MYLEKA Barber Hair Weaving Specialist TARRANT 2020-09-28
RUMSEY, SHIRLEY JO Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-28
GONZALEZ, TAMMY ELAINE Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-27
VO, SANG KIM Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-27
LE, LUY THI YEN Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-26
RATTANASINH, MALAYPHONE D Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-25
TRAN, HUNG Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-24
VO, MICHELLE DAO Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-24
TRAM, EMILY Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-24
NGUYEN, ANDREA THU Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-23
OLD WORLD SALONS Dual Shop 2125 W. Southlake Blvd., Suite 345, Southlake, TX 76092 2020-09-23
OLD WORLD SALONS Dual Shop 9139 Blvd. 26 (grapevine Hwy), Suite 580, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 2020-09-23
PHAN, LINH T Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-22
TANTES, BRANDY NOELLE Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-22
CROCKETT, DEBORAH D Barber, Class A TARRANT 2020-09-21
ELEANOR THOMPSON Cos Mini Salon TARRANT 2020-09-21
NGUYEN, ATHENA YEN Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-21
MANE EVENT Cosmetology Beauty Salon 2040 Ridgmar Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116 2020-09-21
NGUYEN, MY-NAM T. Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-19
NGUYEN, PHUONG Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-19
TRAN, HIEN THI THANH Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-19
VO, CUC THI KIM Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-19
KIMBERLY'S VINTAGE BEAUTY PARLOUR Cosmetology Beauty Salon 344 Nw Parkway, Azle, TX 76020 2020-09-19
WILLIAMSON, DIANA LYN Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-18
NGUYEN, HOLLY HONG Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-18
THE BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 3102 Roberts Cut Off, Fort Worth, TX 76135 2020-09-18
LAYMANCE, MELISSA ANDREA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-17
QUACH, THANH CHIEU Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-17
SPORT CLIPS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 13100 Nw Highway 287, Suite 130, Haslet, TX 76052 2020-09-17
MARQUARDT, KIMBERLY KAY Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-16
SHEER CUT Cosmetology Beauty Salon 4613 Denton Hwy Ste 30, Haltom, TX 76117 2020-09-16
BRADY, KELLI SUE Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-15
TRANG, JULIE LANTHUY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-15
TREJO, LISSETTE Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-15
CLARKE, CINDY JEANETTE Cosmetology Esthetician TARRANT 2020-09-15
TRAN, TRACY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-15
DO, KATIE THU Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-15
COLE, MEREDITH MEAGAN Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-14
PS SALON & SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon 200 East Debbie Lane, 1st Floor, Mansfield, TX 76063 2020-09-13
PS SALON & SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon 200 East Debbie Lane, 2nd Floor, Mansfield, TX 76063 2020-09-13
TRANQUILITY BY MOON Cosmetology Esthetician Salon 4903 Coventry Ln, Arlington, TX 76017 2020-09-13
MARIE A. BLACK Cos Mini Salon TARRANT 2020-09-12
PHAM, THUONG THE Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-12
PHAM, CHAU T Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-11
TRAN, QUYEN NGOC Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-11
NGUYEN, TRANG Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-11
WILDER, MULYATI Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-10
TESTERMAN, DELANEY NICOLE Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-09
LAI, DUNG Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-09
GENTLE NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 3515 Sycamore Schools Rd, Ste 120, Fort Worth, TX 76133 2020-09-09
KNOCKOUTS Dual Shop 2901 Western Center Blvd Ste, 115, Ft Worth, TX 76137 2020-09-09
BROOKINS, PREEYA YVETTE Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-08
LE, TRUNG NGOC BAO Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-08
UNIQUE NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 961 N Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76011 2020-09-08
PEREZ, MARIA Barber, Class A TARRANT 2020-09-06
ZEN PEDI SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 920 Hightway 287 N Suite 200, Mansfield, TX 76063 2020-09-05
THAI, AN Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-04
LAM, THUAN THANH Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-04
NGUYEN, VIVIAN Cosmetologist TARRANT 2020-09-04
POWELL, ASHLEY E Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-04
LEGACY SALONS & DAY SPA Dual Shop 4824 South West Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76109 2020-09-04
VAUGHN, KAREN RENEE Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-03
NGO, THUY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-03
PHAN, NGAN KIM THI Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-03
CHAVOLLA, CLAUDIA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-02
TRUONG, TRAN HONG Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-02
DO, THAM Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-02
TONI'S BARBER SHOP Barber Shop 5400 E Woodway Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133 2020-09-01
VO, LOAN PHUONG Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-01
GLADDEN, DESTINY VIVIAL ANN Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-01
D.ROCK BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 6651 Watauga Rd Ste 116, Fort Worth, TX 76148-3362 2020-09-01
MC WATERS, DEBBIE DIANE Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
FISHER, CAROL ANN TURNER Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
HILL, BENNIE ROGER Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
CHAPMAN, MARY JO Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
HAWKE, JAMES THOMAS Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
KINNEY, JIMMIE LYNN Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
BENNER, AMY LYNN Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
TORISK, CHRISTINA LYNN Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
KNOX, TANIDA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
CASTILLO, LORI BETH Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
MONK, MEANA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31
ALLEN, CLARA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-08-31