Texas Licenses

Jurisdiction: State of Texas
Source: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

This dataset includes 598 thousand licenses issued by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

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Business Name License Type Office Address Expiration Date
NGUYEN, KIM DUNG Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, MYLINH THI Cosmetology Operator FORT BEND 2020-09-30
DAY, RUMI H. Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
MOON, CHANG SOO Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
DUNCAN, MARY ELIZABETH Cosmetology Operator COLEMAN 2020-09-30
MAI, NANCY Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
VU, MARTIN ANH Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
FORD, SHIRLEY MAE Cosmetology Operator CLAY 2020-09-30
PHAM, DUNG NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, TRANG Cosmetology Operator FORT BEND 2020-09-30
BYERS, NGAN THUY Cosmetology Manicurist BRAZORIA 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, HONG TUYET Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
MEDRANO, MARIA ISABEL Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
LE, LIEU Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
VALDEZ, ROZANN Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, VAN THI THU Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
MENG, ZHAO CHENG Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
VICK, MARIA ELENA GUERRA Cosmetology Operator Instructor OUT OF STATE 2020-09-30
RIVERA, MARLENE Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
LE, DUNG THI Cosmetology Manicurist BRAZORIA 2020-09-30
LONG, SUMEGO LOUISE Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2020-09-30
HARTSOCK, SAMANTHA MARIE Cosmetology Operator HOOD 2020-09-30
HILDEBRAND, DARYL LEE Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, THUY-MY THI Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
CHIEM, PETER VAN Cosmetology Manicurist BELL 2020-09-30
SALAZAR, LUCIA Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
MC CLINTOCK, JESSICA DEE Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
TRAN, HUNG VAN Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-30
ELIZONDO, ANA LAURA Cosmetology Operator HIDALGO 2020-09-30
PITTS, MARGIE REE Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
STEELE, KARI Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
LE, CAROLINE THU Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
DANG, CINDY THI Cosmetology Manicurist BEXAR 2020-09-30
PHAN, BAY T. Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
HERNANDEZ, JAVIER Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
HO, HANH THI Cosmetology Manicurist DALLAS 2020-09-30
TRAN, THUYTRINH THUY Cosmetology Operator JEFFERSON 2020-09-30
RICCHINI, TERESA L Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
HAMRICK, SHERRY ELAINE Cosmetology Manicurist TRAVIS 2020-09-30
DANDACHLI, NINA Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
PLEMONS-OWEN, ERIN MARCELLE Cosmetology Operator MCLENNAN 2020-09-30
MASSEY, MARTHA SUSANA Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
DINH, HOA THI Cosmetology Manicurist DALLAS 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, UYEN THI Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
MONTOYA, MONICA Cosmetology Operator ECTOR 2020-09-30
EASH, JULIE LEIGHANN Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2020-09-30
HUNTER, KRISTIN DIANE Cosmetology Operator COLEMAN 2020-09-30
LIRA, MELISSA KAY Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
CENTENO, MARIA ISABEL Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
TRUONG, KATIE CHAU Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
VU, SANDY NGUYET Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
FIGUEROA, LILIA Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
DINH, HA CINDY Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, HONG TUYET Cosmetology Esthetician HARRIS 2020-09-30
NGUYEN, BAY Cosmetology Manicurist COLLIN 2020-09-30
MARTINEZ, MIROSLAVA Cosmetology Operator BEXAR 2020-09-30
BUI, NANCY Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
VU, HUONG THU Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
KIYANI, ROJA Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
ADAMS, MARK ANTHONY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
PAK, HYUN Y Cosmetology Operator WILLIAMSON 2020-09-30
RAMIREZ, MARIA C. Cosmetology Operator EL PASO 2020-09-30
VU, THUY NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist TRAVIS 2020-09-30
TRAN, HA THI Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-09-30
MESCH, MELA HYACINTH Cosmetology Operator BEXAR 2020-09-30
TRUONG, JADE Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
DEMARCO, MEGAN KATHLEEN Cosmetology Operator BELL 2020-09-30
SANDERS, SHONDELL MARIE Cosmetology Operator JOHNSON 2020-09-30
TRAN, DIEU-CO DINH Cosmetology Manicurist TRAVIS 2020-09-30
TRAN, HONGHOA THI Cosmetology Manicurist GALVESTON 2020-09-30
COLE, YONG Cosmetology Operator BOWIE 2020-09-30
ROBERSON, BETTIE JEAN Cosmetology Hair Weaver HARRIS 2020-09-30
TRAN, HANH MY Cosmetology Operator GUADALUPE 2020-09-30
BRZEZINSKA, GRAZYNA Cosmetology Esthetician FORT BEND 2020-09-30
VU, BUOI THI Cosmetology Manicurist DALLAS 2020-09-30
EDDY, MARY JANE Cosmetology Operator OUT OF STATE 2020-09-30
LE, LAURIE PHUONG Cosmetology Esthetician BEXAR 2020-09-30
LE, JIM THE Cosmetology Manicurist BEXAR 2020-09-30
VANDERHIDE, MESHELL ADELAIDE Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
LE, VY N Cosmetology Manicurist WILLIAMSON 2020-09-30
GUERRA, ASHLEY Cosmetology Operator BELL 2020-09-30
ARMANDO'S HAIR TOGETHER Cosmetology Beauty Salon 5434 Glenridge, San Antonio, TX 78229 2020-09-30
TONI & GUY Cosmetology Beauty Salon 13350 N Dallas Pkway, Dallas, TX 75240 2020-09-30
GUY'S & GAL'S HAIR CUTTERS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 1104 N Main, Cleburne, TX 76031 2020-09-30
SUGAR'S UNISEX Cosmetology Beauty Salon 2406 South Beckley Avenue, Dallas, TX 75224 2020-09-30
SUPERCUTS TX 642 Cosmetology Beauty Salon 500 W William Cannon 424, Austin, TX 78745 2020-09-30
HAIR STUDIO Cosmetology Beauty Salon 11566 Leonidas Horton Rd, (mkm 186 B), Conroe, TX 77304 2020-09-30
MAGIC MIRROR Cosmetology Beauty Salon 300 Hillside, Gainesville, TX 76240 2020-09-30
MANE ATTRACTIONS SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 448 Sidney Baker South 102, Kerrville, TX 78028 2020-09-30
CINEMARK USA INC. Cosmetology Beauty Salon 3900 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093 2020-09-30
CAROL'S Cosmetology Beauty Salon Corner Homa Rd and Esperanza, Mission, TX 78572 2020-09-30
DESIGNING WOMEN Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 3205 C University Dr, Nacogdoches, TX 75964 2020-09-30
EL PASO NAILS II Cosmetology Manicure Salon 10765 Kenworthy Street Ste G, El Paso, TX 79924 2020-09-30
JK SIGNATURE NAILS SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 1021 Sawdust Rd Ste 140, Spring, TX 77380 2020-09-30
JK NAILS SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon 21346 Kuykendahl Road Ste C, Spring, TX 77379 2020-09-30
MALDIVES SPA & NAILS LLC Cosmetology Beauty Salon 2240 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003 2020-09-30
CELEBRITY SALON 2 Cosmetology Beauty Salon 4081 State Hwy 6 South Ste 101, College Station, TX 77845 2020-09-30
LIFE SPA Dual Shop 7100 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75024 2020-09-30
TOMMIE'S CUT AND CURL Dual Shop 434 E Church St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 2020-09-30
SMITH, KANDI S Barber, Class A DALLAS 2020-09-29