Washington State Health Care Providers

Jurisdiction:Washington State
Source:Washington State Department of Health

This dataset includes 2.43 million health care providers registered with Washington State Department of Health.

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Provider Name Credential Type Status Expiration
Bobbi-Rae Marie Seaward Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-19
Katarina Marie Behla Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-01-18
Morgan Leann Trout Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-01-18
Merissa Marie Mullins Medical Assistant Interim Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-16
Malik Daravon Jones Medical Assistant Interim Certification ACTIVE NOT RENEWABLE 2019-01-16
Jaylend Dumais Simmons Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 2018-09-29
Cassandra Danielle Dodson Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-09-19
Tessie Colleen Biddix Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2018-09-15
Susan Ann Uhlich Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-08-28
Belinda Michelle Arballo Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-07-31
Stefanie Frunz Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-07-02
Seung Hyuk Lee Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 2018-05-04
Garrett Thomas Hagwood Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 2021-12-31
Audra Lilly Robinson Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 2021-12-31
Tyler Patrick Traver Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 2021-04-30
Felicia Nguyen Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 2020-04-02
Michael Joseph Potter Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2020-02-08
Sydney Carol Gavin Dental Hygiene License ACTIVE 2019-04-12
Kaela Skye Pardo Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-04-08
Jennifer Lauren Groenewegen Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-03-30
Alyssa Anne Carter Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-30
Madelyn Dawn Weltzin Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-25
Maria Kosovan Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-25
Elizabeth Mary Webb Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-03-16
Farin Hiromi Nishitani Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification ACTIVE 2019-03-12
Janelle Lyn Wortman Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-01
Danielle Alyssa Pardee Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-02-27
Erin Nicole Welsh Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-02-25
Rachel Yae Young Shin Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-02-20
Kimberly Marie Miller Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-02-19
Marissa Nicole Gehring Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-02-11
Jesse James McCormick Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-09
Breana Alexandria Chapa Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-27
Nicole Ellen Olsen Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-01-19
Katherine Brooke Linville-Wellman Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-17
Amanda Megan Benson Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-17
Kylea Rose Gill Medical Assistant Interim Certification ACTIVE NOT RENEWABLE 2019-01-16
Jeanette Lynn Russell Certified Behavior Technician ACTIVE 2018-11-18
Anna Petrovna Belous Pharmacy Technician Certification ACTIVE 2018-11-07
Dawnesha Danielle Cathey Certified Behavior Technician ACTIVE 2018-08-19
Matthew Boelter Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2018-05-10
Jessica Rose Walsh Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-05-03
Trevor Lee Crooks Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 2021-12-31
Alexandra Kim Erlewine Medical Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2020-02-03
Latrisha A Cass Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-04-12
Brittany Ninette Lewis Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-25
Somenan Ngoc Thach Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-11
Shauna Austin Leggett Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-04
Stephanie Lynn Watson Pharmacy Technician Certification ACTIVE 2019-02-10
Dakotah Grace Haukom Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-08
Jonathan Anthony Nguyen Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-05
Chelsea Marie Fantin Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-01-25
Likai Chen Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-01-20
Destinie Marie Walker Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-19
Jessica Thao Ho Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2018-12-19
Kiely Marie Erwin Nursing Home Administrator License ACTIVE 2018-12-07
Tori Elizabeth Hanley Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-10-30
Nicole Renne Vallido Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-06-10
Hannah Elizabeth Tripp Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 2021-02-28
Kristen Ann Moore Medical Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2020-03-05
Rachel Marie Folkema Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-04-13
Kaileen Elizabeth Kersting Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 2019-03-29
Jennifer Wang Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-18
Haley Alene Perrine Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-03-08
Alexandra Anna Maga Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-03-05
Norman Cong Ma Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-28
Brittany MaeJean Gizinski Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 2019-02-28
Brittany Marie Westover Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-26
Jennifer Catherine Wiemer Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-18
Mallory Ruth Metzger Speech Language Pathologist License ACTIVE 2019-02-14
Virginia Marie Brown Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-09
Kristina Katherine Biava Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-26
Jordan Young Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-01-24
Audrey Rose Vautour Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-23
Ashley Kanoelani Asio Ordonez Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-01-23
Madison Lydia Magliocca Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-01-22
Stephanie Danielle Mastroserio Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-01-20
Stavroula Angeliki Athan Marriage and Family Therapist Associate License ACTIVE 2019-01-18
Chantel Chrystal McLaughlin Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-18
Sorie Sando Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-01-17
Andrew Jonnathan Lynch Physical Therapist Assistant License ACTIVE 2019-01-17
Karla Aracely Quinones Medical Assistant Interim Certification ACTIVE NOT RENEWABLE 2019-01-16
Oluwa Kemi Adedayo Adeyemi Lewis Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 2019-01-11
Joseph Andrew Lloyd Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification ACTIVE 2018-11-20
Kat Zenny Milton Massage Therapist License ACTIVE 2018-08-09
Lauren Marie Braun Registered Nurse Temporary Practice Permit ACTIVE 2018-07-16
Amy Rachelle Thompson Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 2018-07-08
Amanda Lee Hukill Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2018-06-21
Stephen James Huynh Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Certification ACTIVE 2020-02-06
Maggi Colene Hume Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner License ACTIVE 2020-01-26
Katie Renee Ferandes Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2020-01-22
Kimberly Evelyn Delaney Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-04-10
Brittany Lee Schuchman Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-03-13
Nora DeMun Kreiger Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 2019-03-09
Samantha Marie Pena Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-24
Julia Panayota Charuhas Counselor Agency Affiliated Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-24
Rebecca May Studer Occupational Therapist License ACTIVE 2019-02-23
Dina V Pilipchuk Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 2019-02-21
Lindsay Sue Kleinschmit Optometrist License ACTIVE 2019-02-18
Shariza Mei Asuncion Dacuno Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 2019-02-13