New York City Property Assessment

Provider: City of New York, Department of Finance (DOF)
Jurisdiction: City of New York

This dataset includes 1 million properties assessed by the Department of Finance (DOF) of the City of New York. The data contains property together with value information, for purpose to calculate Property Tax, Grant eligibale properties Exemptions and/or Abatements, entered into the system by various City employee, like Property Assessors, Property Exemption specialists, ACRIS reporting, Department of Building reporting, etc. Each property is disclosed with BBLE, address, assessed value and history, etc.

Search Results

Property NameProperty OwnerMarket ValueLand AreaYear Built
154-68 Brookville Blvd, Queens, NY 11422Port Authority Ny & Nj$16,286,775,6392143783901994
83-00 23 Avenue, Queens, NY 11370Nyc Dsbs$8,301,486,000293055341933
185 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10007Lower Manhattan Development Corporation$2,913,295,0008339452009
Jfk Airport, Queens, NYPort Authority of Ny and Nj$1,788,367,000
360 West Street, Manhattan, NY 10014New York Convention Center$1,665,299,0009622501963
761 5 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022767 Fifth Partners LLC$1,555,555,600843501968
240 1 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10009Bpp St Owner LLC$1,345,863,00026750001945
1111 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10036One Bryant Park$1,305,384,000878632005
1260 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10020Rcpi Holdco Lcc Attn: Tracey Frazzetta$1,125,136,0001847641932
1221 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 100361221 Avenue Holdings LLC$1,114,768,0001024521971
9-25 West 57 Street, Manhattan, NY 10019Solovieff Realty Co. II, L.L.C.$1,111,111,100620581971
10-01 Hazen Street, Bronx, NY 11370Department of Corrections 60$1,021,695,000178250001933
1345 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 101051345 Leasehold LLC$1,016,333,300903751968
111-125 8 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10011One City Block LLC$1,006,298,0001652001931
40 River Road, Manhattan, NY 10044Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation$985,680,00042314660975
1290 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10119555 1290 Holdings, LLC$955,929,000897751963
391 9 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10001Bop Ne LLC$933,333,300650342015
51-53 East 42 Street, Manhattan, NY 10017Metropolitan Transportation Authority$908,918,000440482017
1631-1649 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 100191633 Broadway Owner II, Lp$907,777,800904001972
338-350 5 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10118Esrt Empire State Building, L.L.C.$888,888,900913511931
1211 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 100361211 6th Avenue Syndication Partners Jv, L.p.$886,037,000848551973
1271 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10020Rockefeller Ctr North Inc$858,155,000823401961
180 Ft Washington Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10032Presbyterian Hsp City Ny$854,213,0003644331930
501 West 30 Street, Manhattan, NY 10001Legacy Yards Tenant Lp$774,775,000799432017
1285 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10019C & K 1285 Owner LLC$759,421,000803331961
825-829 8 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10019Wwp Office, LLC$731,331,000582411987
1472-1480 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10036Edc$730,000,000458001998
85 Convent Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10027City College$714,242,0004773751930
1301 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 100191301 Properties Owner,Llc$692,222,200746311965
250-268 West 34 Street, Manhattan, NY 10119Korpenn LLC$689,188,0001279661972
1440 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10029Mount Sinai Hospital$683,553,0002799851963
225 Liberty Street, Manhattan, NY 10280Wfp Tower B Co Lp$680,206,0001993461987
20 Hudson Yards, #ret, Manhattan, NY 10001Ery Retail Podium LLC$677,777,7001988982015
67-02 Douglaston Parkway, Queens, NY 11362Parks and Recreation (general)$676,095,00057934802010
1114 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 100361114 6th Avenue Owner LLC$670,008,000678751971
752 1 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10017United Nations$656,575,0006593751952
1230 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10020Rcpi Holdco Lcc Attn: Tracey Frazzetta$653,777,8001420871939
388-390 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013Citigroup Technology, Inc.$653,407,0001723271989
30 Hudson Yards, #tw, Manhattan, NY 1000130 Hy Wm Unit Owner Lp$649,758,4391988982015
60-88 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10023Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts$614,411,0003164301964
1459 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10036Dcas$601,338,000224482002
462 1 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10016Nyc Hhc$593,243,0007531751910
512-520 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022520 Madison Owners, L.L.C. Attn: Tracey Frazzetta$571,386,000435321982
110 West Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10468Bronx V A Medical Center$542,772,00012990001905
350 Marconi Street, Bronx, NY 10461Nyc Department of Design and Construction$530,086,0003813382012
57-63 East 52 Street, Manhattan, NY 10055Park Avenue Plaza Owner LLC$527,770,000383141980
110-10 Rockaway Boulevard, Queens, NY 11420Nys Comptroller's Office$517,639,00074923201957
919-933 3 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022Sl Green Realty Corp.$516,890,000647681970
1176 York Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10065Society of The Ny Hospital$515,234,0002759251956
56-01 Grand Central Pkwy, Queens, NY 11355Nyc Parks$514,152,000178700001939
383-385 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10179Metropolitan Transportation Authority$511,111,100433131999
450 West 33 Street, Manhattan, NY 10001450 Partners LLC$499,742,0001349321969
63-30 Kissena Boulevard, Queens, NY 11367Dormitory Auth$492,030,00025670001907
Marginal Street, Manhattan, NYNyc Transit$488,000,000
424 10 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10001St Lukes-Roosevelt Hosp$484,802,0001009591992
592 7 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10036Nyc Edc$478,888,900271562000
1185 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10036Sl Green Realty Corp.$460,703,000420491970
1001 Richmond Hill Road, Staten Island, NY 10306Parks and Recreation (general)$457,921,731318500001931
590 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022590 Madison Avenue, LLC$457,777,800391621981
652 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11251Nyc Dsbs$454,798,00064299611958
2049 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475Riverbay Corporation$454,434,00050485501969
576-594 10 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10036Manhattan Plaza Inc$449,759,0001606641976
1095 Avenue of The Amer, #up, Manhattan, NY 100363 Bp Reit$437,006,420
1500 Waters Place, Bronx, NY 10461Nyc Ddc$435,501,00033436021960
163-15-163-19 Baisley Boulevard, Queens, NY 11434Rochdale Village Inc$433,530,00046729601962
1335 Avenue of The Amer, #hotel, Manhattan, NY 10019Hlt Ny Hilton LLC$433,333,300916251963
28-40 Liberty Street, Manhattan, NY 10005Summit Glory Property LLC$427,435,0001125551963
345-397 South End Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10280Battery Park City Authory$427,323,0002207321983
33-39 East 48 Street, Manhattan, NY 10017Metropolitan Transportation Authority$426,946,000352001968
745-751 7 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10019Us Real Estate Holdings No.1 Limited$422,222,200624591999
500 20 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215Greenwood Cemetry$416,588,000203090601930
888-892 7 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10106888 Seventh Avenue, LLC$412,391,000324251970
101 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10178101 Park Avenue Associates II LLC$412,370,000528311982
530 West 120 Street, Manhattan, NY 10027Columbia University$408,593,0007341801901
395-413 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10174405 Lexington, L.L.C.$397,777,800375251930
1710 Steinway Street, Queens, NY 11105Astoria Energy LLC$395,614,907
5031 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234National Park Service$390,889,000525919591930
3103 20 Avenue, Queens, NY 11105Director of R/E Pasny$390,000,000
38-46 West 57 Street, Manhattan, NY 10019Lefrak Sbn Limited Partnership$384,456,000401661972
100-110 East 45 Street, Manhattan, NY 10017United States Postal Service$382,836,000607001990
375-385 Hudson Street, Manhattan, NY 10014New Remainderman 375 Hudson LLC$377,777,800690961987
498 7 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10018498 Seventh LLC$376,164,000388001920
650 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022650 Madison Owner LLC$374,656,000354471957
390 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10017*** No Owner Found ***$373,555,600381601953
320-330 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022Mutual Life America$372,755,000306251994
310 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013Ip Mortgage Borrower LLC$371,231,0001866311975
827 11 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10019Ee 57th Street South Holdings, LLC$360,811,000859962015
342-392 1 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10009Bpp PCv Owner LLC$352,960,0008286501947
38 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY 10013Us General Services Administration$349,702,0001369941968
269 Grand Central Pkwy, Queens, NY 11005North Shore Towers Apartments Inc$346,654,00042283001972
401 South End Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10280Nyc Dot$345,183,00024992091989
31 West 52 Street, #com2, Manhattan, NY 1001940 West 53rd Associates Limited Partners Hip$344,444,000458701986
51-60 West 52 Street, Manhattan, NY 10019Cbs Inc$343,868,000477251963
641-649 8 Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10036Port Authority$342,863,0002550001950
56-70 Hudson Street, Manhattan, NY 1001360 Hudson Owners LLC$342,099,000524391930
1133 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10036Dolp 1133 Properties IIi LLC$340,764,000420501968
1097-1099 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10010200 Fifth Owner LLC$340,538,000516421910
155 West 60 Street, Manhattan, NY 10023Fordham University$331,942,0001946201950
1155 Avenue of The Amer, Manhattan, NY 10036Dolp 1155 Properties II LLC$331,111,100336391984
127-129 West 55 Street, Manhattan, NY 10019125 West 55th Street Realty Company LLC$330,046,000292211988