Texas Licenses

Jurisdiction:State of Texas
Source:Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

This dataset includes 598 thousand licenses issued by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

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Business Name License Type Office Address Expiration Date
TDLR - COMPLIANCE Elevator Responsible Party 1106 Clayton Lane Ste 425e, Austin, TX 78723 2020-12-31
TDLR-AB Registered Accessibility Specialist CE Provider 920 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701 2020-12-31
TRAN, BACH YEN THI Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-12-05
LE, SOPHIA NGOC Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-10-06
GREAT CLIPS - BASSWOOD VILLAGE Cosmetology Beauty Salon 900 N Blue Mound Rd Ste 164, Saginaw, TX 76131-8828 2020-10-06
PIGTAILS AND CREWCUTS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 3008 Texas Sage Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76177 2020-10-06
MEN'S ONLY Dual Shop 6010 S. Western Suite 200, Amarillo, TX 79109 2020-10-06
BAACKE, DMITRY ALEKSEY Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2020-10-05
HOANG, PHUONG THI KIM Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-10-05
THE UPPER HAND LLC Cosmetology Beauty Salon 1905 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77098 2020-10-05
PS SALON & SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon 359 Village Commons Boulevard, 1st Floor, Georgetown, TX 78633 2020-10-05
PS SALON & SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon 359 Village Commons Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Georgetown, TX 78633 2020-10-05
LEE, MARIA S Cosmetology Esthetician HARRIS 2020-10-04
TRINH, PHUONG THI Cosmetology Esthetician HARRIS 2020-10-04
VINTAGE MEN'S GROOMING LOUNGE Dual Shop 15718 S Highway 288, Suite 130, Pearland, TX 77584 2020-10-04
CHAMBLEE, ALEX M Barber, Class A DALLAS 2020-10-03
RILEY, TAMMIE WALLITA Barber Instructor BELL 2020-10-03
BRACKEEN, DENISHA DIANE Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2020-10-03
ALAN MURPHY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 126 Vintage Park Blvd Suite A, Houston, TX 77070 2020-10-03
LONGVIEW NAILS AND SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 3407 N Fourth Street Ste 105, Longview, TX 75604 2020-10-03
BRANDON HAIR&NAILS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 10361 Clubcreek, Houston, TX 77036-7129 2020-10-03
THE WAX BAR Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 3227 Wurzbach Road, San Antonio, TX 78238 2020-10-03
LACQUER Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 11005 Burnet Rd Ste 114, Austin, TX 78758 2020-10-03
VIANGE HAIR Cosmetology Beauty Salon 3916 Mcdermott Road Ste 140, Plano, TX 75025 2020-10-03
BENITEZ, ANA L Barber Instructor DALLAS 2020-10-02
TINSLEY, ANTWAN L Barber, Class A MONTGOMERY 2020-10-02
BOWLBY, CHEMAINE A Cosmetology Esthetician WILLIAMSON 2020-10-02
KIRK, DAVID L Barber, Class A MCLENNAN 2020-10-01
PURVIS, OTIS R Barber, Class A CALLAHAN 2020-10-01
ADKERSON (EZELL, BRENDA K Barber, Class A DALLAS 2020-10-01
BROWN, NANCY J Barber, Class A TARRANT 2020-10-01
MARSH, RONNIE A Barber, Class A DALLAS 2020-10-01
LAWTON, JOANN Barber, Class A HUNT 2020-10-01
LOREDO, MARIA Barber, Class A HIDALGO 2020-10-01
MAXWELL, KWANG Barber, Class A BELL 2020-10-01
DICKEY, MARIA Barber, Class A SMITH 2020-10-01
STEPHENS, DEANNA LYN Cosmetology Operator GUADALUPE 2020-10-01
IBARRA, MERCEDES J. Cosmetology Operator BEXAR 2020-10-01
NGUYEN, JULIE THANH Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2020-10-01
LUU, MY KIEU Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-10-01
T'S NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 10242 W Loop 1604 N Ste 106, San Antonio, TX 78254 2020-10-01
STEVENS REA, MICHELLE Barber Manicurist ECTOR 2020-09-30
WHITAKER, WANDA SUE Cosmetology Operator LAMAR 2020-09-30
POE, CAROLYN ROSEMARY Cosmetology Operator MONTGOMERY 2020-09-30
EVANS, TONI LEATRICE Cosmetology Operator ROCKWALL 2020-09-30
HERNANDEZ, EVA G Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
PENCE, AGNES JEANETTE Cosmetology Operator FORT BEND 2020-09-30
GONZALES, PAULETTE FRANCES Cosmetology Operator GALVESTON 2020-09-30
HARPER, BETTY JANE Cosmetology Operator SABINE 2020-09-30
HOWARD, WANDA LEE Cosmetology Operator POTTER 2020-09-30
BRANDON, NORA ELVA Cosmetology Operator COMAL 2020-09-30
JONES, NADINE Cosmetology Operator HOWARD 2020-09-30
ACUNA, EVA MARIA Cosmetology Operator NUECES 2020-09-30
ASHLEY, ELAINE I Cosmetology Operator LAMPASAS 2020-09-30
COOPER, LILLIE GAYLE Cosmetology Operator Instructor HARDIN 2020-09-30
HUYNH, BICH NGOC Cosmetology Operator FORT BEND 2020-09-30
LINDSEY, ALYCE FAYE Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
WILSON, LOUIS JR Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
WOZNIAK, NORA MAE Cosmetology Operator COMAL 2020-09-30
PATINO, EMMA M Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
KENNEDY, MARY ETTA Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
GLASS, CYNTHIA ANN Cosmetology Operator GRAY 2020-09-30
MICA, MARCELINA Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
CONTI, DORTHY LYNNE Cosmetology Operator MONTGOMERY 2020-09-30
SALAZAR, NASARIA Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2020-09-30
ACHEE, MARIE MICHELLE Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
JOHNSON, DEBORAH LYNN Cosmetology Operator ORANGE 2020-09-30
CUTRIGHT, BELINDA GARZA Cosmetology Operator BRAZORIA 2020-09-30
SCHLOSSER, MARVIN ANDREW JR Cosmetology Operator GRAYSON 2020-09-30
HANNAH, BEVERLY ANN Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
CHOI, JANET OK Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
OTT, JILL ANN Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
AYALA, GLORIA Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
GEER, KAREN MARIE Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
DUPREE-ORR, STELLA ANN Cosmetology Operator OUT OF STATE 2020-09-30
PARKER, JULIA A Cosmetology Operator WILLIAMSON 2020-09-30
DAGLEY, SHIRLEY KAY Cosmetology Operator LEON 2020-09-30
GARZA, FEDERICO B Cosmetology Operator BEXAR 2020-09-30
HURST, TAMMY HINSLEY Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
TRAN, KIM CHUA THI Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
HUGHES, THERESA ANN Cosmetology Operator EASTLAND 2020-09-30
DERRINGTON, MELODY Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
STARKEY, EARLENE SUE Cosmetology Operator OUT OF STATE 2020-09-30
WILSON, BETTY Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
CORBEIL, MARIA DEL ROSARIO Cosmetology Operator CAMERON 2020-09-30
ESCAMILLA, ANA L Cosmetology Operator Instructor BEXAR 2020-09-30
HESSON, CHONG Cosmetology Operator OUT OF STATE 2020-09-30
VILLALTA, AMPARO Cosmetology Operator MONTGOMERY 2020-09-30
MELCHOR, SHELIA MARIE Cosmetology Operator NUECES 2020-09-30
POVATAJ, NANCY LAVONNE Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
STAGGS, MONICA D'ANN Cosmetology Operator DAWSON 2020-09-30
LESTER, TUYET THI Cosmetology Manicurist BRAZORIA 2020-09-30
MOORE, RANDY W Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2020-09-30
SCHOLZ, STEVE R Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2020-09-30
SMITH, GUADALUPE Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2020-09-30
CHRISTIAN, NANCY KAY Cosmetology Operator BRAZORIA 2020-09-30
WODOPIAN, ANDREA CLEMMONS Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2020-09-30
MCCLESKEY, STEPHANIE LYNN Cosmetology Operator COLLIN 2020-09-30
KENDALL, DEBRA G Cosmetology Manicurist TARRANT 2020-09-30
JONES, TARA LANE Cosmetology Operator ELLIS 2020-09-30