Texas Licenses

Jurisdiction: State of Texas
Source: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

This dataset includes 598 thousand licenses issued by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

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Business Name License Type Office Address Expiration Date
BABST, STEPHANIE THAO Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-12
TERRIFIC MASSAGE & WELLNESS SPA Cosmetology Esthetician Salon 1528 Common St Ste.18, New Braunfels, TX 78130 2021-01-12
GLAMOUR LATIN SALON LLC Dual Shop 7672 Gessner Road, Houston, TX 77040 2021-01-12
ADAMS, THERESA ANN Barber, Class A SMITH 2021-01-11
HEY BEAUTIFUL NAIL SUPPLY & COSMETIC Cosmetology Beauty Salon 915 Whitaker Ave, Pasadena, TX 77506-2342 2021-01-11
K. BELLA RAY'S MEDICAL DAY SPA Cosmetology Esthetician Salon 1004 Hobbs Hwy Ste 2, Seminole, TX 79360-3310 2021-01-11
H & CO SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 1008 Avenue F Nw, Childress, TX 79201-3520 2021-01-11
NGUYEN, BICH HUE THI Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-10
JABALI, NADIA K Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2021-01-10
PELZEL, DANA Cosmetology Esthetician BEXAR 2021-01-10
ARMSTRONG, SHAWN J Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-10
DT NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 1320 N Zaragosa Rd Ste 107, El Paso, TX 79936 2021-01-10
TRAVAASA AUSTIN Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 13500 Fm 2769, Austin, TX 78726-2003 2021-01-10
HAND & STONE MASSAGE AND FACIAL SPA Cosmetology Esthetician Salon 2700 Presidio Vista Dr, Suite 104, Fort Worth, TX 76177 2021-01-10
WILLIAMS, DERRICK D Barber, Class A HARRIS 2021-01-09
JENNIFER'S HAIR CHAIR Cos Mini Salon DALLAS 2021-01-09
DE LA FUENTE, HOPE EMMA Cosmetology Operator BEXAR 2021-01-09
MCMAHAN, LORIE ANN Cosmetology Operator ELLIS 2021-01-09
NGUYEN, PHUONG THI Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-09
RUTH, JULIA Cosmetology Operator TRAVIS 2021-01-09
ARMENTA, NINA Cosmetology Esthetician DALLAS 2021-01-09
ONYX NAIL BAR ALLIANCE Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 9025 North Freeway, Suite 105, Fort Worth, TX 76177 2021-01-09
HARGETT, TINA M Barber, Class A CHEROKEE 2021-01-08
ADAIR, DEBBIE PEARL Cosmetology Operator TERRY 2021-01-08
JIVANI, GULTAZ KARIM Cosmetology Esthetician DENTON 2021-01-08
NGUYEN, PHUONG THANH Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2021-01-08
TRAN, TRACIE Cosmetology Operator LUBBOCK 2021-01-08
NAILS AND FACIALS BY VO Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 2006 N Ws Young 62, Killeen, TX 76543 2021-01-08
EBONY WIG SALON Cosmetology Wig Salon 1057 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75232 2021-01-08
HAIR BY BELLAGIOS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 5514 Walzem Rd Ste #5, San Antonio, TX 78218-2156 2021-01-08
WOODHOUSE DAY SPA MIDLAND Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 4400 N Midland Drive Suite 210, Midland, TX 79707 2021-01-08
STEVENS, LISA VICTORIA Cosmetology Operator SMITH 2021-01-07
MAI, BICH NGA THI Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-07
NGUYEN, GIAU NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2021-01-07
DELGADO, MONICA G Cosmetology Operator EL PASO 2021-01-07
THE UPPER CUT Cosmetology Beauty Salon 1406 S Front, Bellville, TX 77418 2021-01-07
TANGERINE SALON-DALLAS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 7949 Walnut Hill Ln, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75230 2021-01-07
DANIELS, JONATHAN OWEN Barber Instructor DALLAS 2021-01-06
CLIP JOINT Barber Shop 6006 B Libyan Dr, Austin, TX 78745-2936 2021-01-06
P.RIVERA Cos Mini Salon DALLAS 2021-01-06
VAUGHN, NIKOLETTA D Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-06
FAIRLESS, TAYLOR E Cosmetology Operator PARKER 2021-01-06
BODE, TREASA L Cosmetology Esthetician OUT OF STATE 2021-01-06
NGUYEN, PHUONG DUNG Cosmetology Esthetician TOM GREEN 2021-01-06
VO, THUY THANH Cosmetology Manicurist DALLAS 2021-01-06
TRAN, LE THU Cosmetologist HARRIS 2021-01-06
STUDIO 55 Cosmetology Beauty Salon 7815 Mc Pherson Rd 1 B, Laredo, TX 78045 2021-01-06
MIMI NAILS Cosmetology Manicure Salon 1035 Belvidere St No 165, El Paso, TX 79912 2021-01-06
RICKY NAILS Cosmetology Beauty Salon 3622 Hwy 365, Nederland, TX 77627 2021-01-06
JERRY'S HAIR DESIGNS/BARBER NAIL BOUTIQU Dual Shop 1739 N Frances St, Terrell, TX 75160-1218 2021-01-06
SPORTSMEN'S BARBERSHOP Dual Shop 14415 Blanco Rd 107b, San Antonio, TX 78216 2021-01-06
TORRES, JORGE ALVARO Barber, Class A DENTON 2021-01-05
STEPHANIE MAY Cos Mini Salon DALLAS 2021-01-05
PHAM, BRUCE Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2021-01-05
NGUYEN, DUNG THI Cosmetology Esthetician MONTGOMERY 2021-01-05
CRUZ DE LOVETT, SANDRA N Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2021-01-05
MANTILLA ABAD, LIDIA E Cosmetology Manicurist HIDALGO 2021-01-05
TRAN, SYLVIE DIEN-AN Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-05
TRAN, DUNG KIM Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-05
NGUYEN, DUSTIN HOA Cosmetology Manicurist LUBBOCK 2021-01-05
WHEELER, HYOYOUNG Cosmetology Operator BEXAR 2021-01-05
GOODRICK, ELIZABETH ASHLEIGH Cosmetology Esthetician HARRIS 2021-01-05
DO, LUONG THI KIM Cosmetologist JEFFERSON 2021-01-05
DE MORA, ELIA MUNIZ Barber, Class A HIDALGO 2021-01-04
TAMAYO, MARIO Barber, Class A CAMERON 2021-01-04
ANDRIS, TONA Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2021-01-04
LEE, ALEXIS SOO Cosmetology Esthetician DENTON 2021-01-04
PHAM, MYLE THI Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-04
EARLEY, NEOMI Cosmetology Operator HOOD 2021-01-04
GUAJARDO, MARIA Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-04
MC LELLAN, EDWARD PATRICK Cosmetology Operator DALLAS 2021-01-04
PHAM, LAN THI HONG Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-04
NGUYEN, ANN ANH THU THI Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-04
TAYLOR, LUCINDA MAI Cosmetologist BEXAR 2021-01-04
FLORES, NATALIA Cosmetology Operator DENTON 2021-01-04
HARARI, MARTHA Cosmetology Esthetician BEXAR 2021-01-04
BUI, HANH MY Cosmetology Manicurist COLLIN 2021-01-04
PHAM, NHU VU QUYNH Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2021-01-04
DAVI NAILS INSIDE WM #417 Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon 1750 S Broadway St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482-4902 2021-01-04
POLK, BRITNEY Cosmetology Operator NACOGDOCHES 2021-01-03
MICHEALS, GINA FAROUK Cosmetology Operator TARRANT 2021-01-03
PREJEAN, JULIE JO Cosmetology Operator OUT OF STATE 2021-01-03
HANRAHAN, CUC THI Cosmetology Operator HARRIS 2021-01-03
LYONS, KRISTIN LEIGH Cosmetology Operator JEFFERSON 2021-01-03
TRAN, HOA THI Cosmetology Manicurist COLLIN 2021-01-03
WEIDMAN, CONSTANCE M Cosmetology Esthetician TRAVIS 2021-01-03
PHAM, HUNG THAI Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-03
NGUYEN, MAI THI NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2021-01-03
RODRIGUEZ, CHRISELDA MAGALLAN Cosmetology Operator Instructor NUECES 2021-01-03
LAM, KIM Cosmetology Manicurist OUT OF STATE 2021-01-03
HUYNH-MCGRATH, LINDA ROSE M Cosmetology Manicurist BEXAR 2021-01-03
TAYLOR, RI THI Cosmetology Manicurist HARRIS 2021-01-03
NGUYEN, PAULINA THUY TUONG Cosmetologist HARRIS 2021-01-03
LE, CAU MINH Cosmetology Manicurist SAN PATRICIO 2021-01-03
MARISSA'S BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon 2034 Basse Rd Ste 103, San Antonio, TX 78213 2021-01-03
BEASLEY, JAMES D Barber, Class A HUNT 2021-01-02
SUE K PENN Cos Mini Salon DALLAS 2021-01-02
RAINES, NATALIE A Cosmetology Operator HARRISON 2021-01-02
WALKER, WENDY LYN Cosmetology Esthetician GALVESTON 2021-01-02
JONES, BRIANNA LAUREN Cosmetology Operator ANGELINA 2021-01-02