Telephone Number

Provider: U.S Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Others
Jurisdiction: North America

This dataset includes 1 million telephone numbers recorded by Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and other government agencies. The dataset by the Federal Trade Commission includes information on Do Not Call and robocall complaints reported. This contains information reported by consumers, including the telephone number originating the unwanted call, the date the complaint was created, the time the call was made, the consumer’s city and state locations reported, the subject of the call, and whether the call was a robocall.

Search Results

Phone Number NameNameAddress
1-315-232-825712774 Spam Complaints In 2786 CitiesAberdeen, Abilene, Abingdon, Acton, Acworth, Ada, Adams, Adamstown, Addison, Adkins
1-888-280-43313406 Spam Complaints In 1134 CitiesAberdeen, Ace, Adairsville, Airmont, Akron, Albany, Albertville, Albuquerquer, Alexandria, Algonquin
1-833-304-14472414 Spam Complaints In 745 CitiesAbsecon, Acton, Adamstown, Albany, Albuquerque, Alcoa, Aldie, Alexandria, Algonquin, Alpharetta
1-208-262-00002114 Spam Complaints In 801 CitiesActon, Ada, Adairsville, Addison, Adel, Akron, Alachua, Alamogordo, Albany, Alexandria
1-800-282-75411761 Spam Complaints In 700 CitiesAiken, Akron, Albuquerque, Aldie, Alexandria, Allen, Allentown, Alplaus, Amarillo, Amelia
1-800-536-37261741 Spam Complaints In 577 Cities12004 W Carroll Rd Beloit, 94513, Acworth, Aiken, Airville, Albion, Aliquippa, Allentown, Allston, Alton
1-866-484-26141649 Spam Complaints In 662 CitiesActon, Akron, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allenstown, Allentown, Alpine, Alta Vista, Amelia
1-877-805-77441432 Spam Complaints In 576 CitiesAbingdon, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allentown, Alva, Ames, Annapolis, Anthem, Apollo Beach
1-866-283-66351333 Spam Complaints In 584 CitiesAbilene, Adel, Aiken, Akron, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Alplaus, Amarillo, Annapolis
1-866-203-95601321 Spam Complaints In 559 CitiesAbingdon, Abington, Adamsville, Adelanto, Aiken, Akron, Albion, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allentown
1-800-622-25801278 Spam Complaints In 528 Cities0ntario, 375 Brown Road, Akron, Alachua, Albany, Alexandria, Alhambra, Amelia, Amherst, Anaheim
1-888-883-98241277 Spam Complaints In 519 CitiesAbilene, Abq, Aiken, Alabama, Albion, Albuqueruque, Alexandria, Algonquin, Allentown, Alpharetta
1-866-428-24241244 Spam Complaints In 542 CitiesAddison, Aiken, Alexandria, Algonac, Allentown, Alpine, Alplaus, Ambler, Amelia, Amherst
1-800-253-23221166 Spam Complaints In 506 CitiesAbq, Aiea, Aiken, Albany, Albuquerque, Altamonte Springs, Ambler, Amelia, Amherst, Anaheim
1-800-892-22531141 Spam Complaints In 369 CitiesAiken, Alachua, Albany, Albemarle, Alexandria, Alna, Amsterdam, Annandale, Anniston, Antioch
1-800-869-3557Occupational Health Centers of California, A Medical Corporation5080 Spectrum Drive, Suite 1200 West Tower, Addison, TX 75001
1-800-531-87221066 Spam Complaints In 488 CitiesAbilene, Aiken, Albion, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Alton, Amelia, Anaheim, Annapolis, Annapollis
1-805-637-7243Bethany Can27200 Tourney Rd Ste 255, Valencia, CA 91355-4983
1-701-484-2273Care Beyond The Boulevard, Inc.606 Gladstone Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124-2522
1-608-371-66661026 Spam Complaints In 318 CitiesAdams, Akron, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Alliance, Aloha, Alpine, Altadena, Annandale, Annapolis
1-800-225-59351006 Spam Complaints In 451 CitiesAbilene, Akron, Albany, Albion, Albrightsville, Alexandria, Allentown, Amherst, Annapolis, Arlington
1-888-382-1222924 Spam Complaints In 369 Cities39402, Aberdeen, Aitkin, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allentown, Alpharetta, Amherst (ddm #2) - 300 Leavitt, Anaheim, Anchorage
1-844-989-1708909 Spam Complaints In 371 CitiesAdvance, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allentown, Aloha, Altadena, Amherst, Amsterdam, Anaheim
1-800-555-3333899 Spam Complaints In 370 CitiesAkron, Albany, Alexandria, Alvin, Amarillo, American Fork, Americus, Angleton, Anna, Apex
1-800-275-2273862 Spam Complaints In 364 CitiesAbilene, Agawam, Alameda, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Alliance, Altoona, Ambler, Anaheim, Antelope
1-513-493-1616838 Spam Complaints In 165 CitiesAc, Affton, Allen Park, Alton, Altoona, Anaheim, Antioch, Augusta, Baltimore, Bedford
1-800-692-7753802 Spam Complaints In 358 Cities1, Abilene, Agoura, Albuquerque, Aldan, Alexandria, Alpine, Alplaus, Angwin, Apalachin
1-800-347-1000768 Spam Complaints In 333 CitiesAkron, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allentown, Alto, Anaheim, Annapolis, Aptos, Arlington
1-800-991-8708760 Spam Complaints In 324 Cities12004 W Carroll Rd Beloit, Albuquerque, Alpine, Annapolis, Aptos, Ardmore, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Atlanta, Auburn
1-800-285-8585690 Spam Complaints In 295 CitiesActon, Adams, Adrian, Aiken, Alachua, Allentown, Andover, Annandale, Arlington, Astoria
1-424-204-4290679 Spam Complaints In 223 CitiesAlameda, Anaheim Hills, Apple Valley, Arleta, Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Atwater, Auburn, Austin, Bakersfield
1-949-298-6554672 Spam Complaints In 284 CitiesAlachua, Albany, Alexandria, Aliso Viejo, Alpine, Ambridge, Asheville, Atco, Audubon Park, Austin
1-989-256-8058641 Spam Complaints In 115 CitiesAbilene, Acworth, Alameda, Alton, Anaheim, Antioch, Arlington Heights, Atlanta, Bardstown, Bayonne
1-800-762-2265641 Spam Complaints In 325 CitiesAlbuquerque, Alexandria, Allen Park, Allentown, Alta Loma, Annapolis, Antioch, Arlington, Arnold, Arroyo Grand
1-214-283-1316634 Spam Complaints In 286 CitiesAberdeen Proving Ground, Abilene, Aiken, Alabama, Albany, Alexandria, Altus, Annapolis, Apex, Apple Valley
1-888-247-4080625 Spam Complaints In 293 CitiesAbita, Addison, Aiken, Alexandria, Allenhurst, Altamonte Spg, Anaheim, Andover, Annapolis, Apple Valley
1-800-892-4357621 Spam Complaints In 195 CitiesAlachua, Aledo, Allen Park, Altoona, Anniston, Arden, Arlington, Artesia, Athens, Auburn
1-800-872-2657618 Spam Complaints In 294 Cities..locust Valley............, 38109, Alexandria, Alpine, Amherst, Annapolis, Apple Valley, Arlington, Astoria, Atlanta
1-888-982-0154613 Spam Complaints In 235 Cities2447 57th St, Acton, Aiken, Aledo, Annapolis, Apple Valley, Ca, Atlanta, Baltimore, Bay City
1-855-245-7098571 Spam Complaints In 124 CitiesAbilene, Allen, Antigo, Appling, Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Bear, Benson, Boone
1-800-942-3767560 Spam Complaints In 173 CitiesAitkin, Akron, Alamosa, Albany, Alborn, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allenton, Altoona, Angola
1-512-371-7143555 Spam Complaints In 109 CitiesAlexandria, Auburn, Aurora, Austin, Belleview, Boise, Brier, Byram, Chandler, Chattanooga
1-609-952-0066552 Spam Complaints In 153 CitiesAltus, Apache Junction, Atlantic Beach, Austin, Bayfield, Berkeley Heights, Bluff City, Bonita Springs, Bronx, Brookings
1-888-295-5540532 Spam Complaints In 276 CitiesAbilene, Aiken, Al, Alexandria, Allentown, Altamonte Springs, Alva, Anaheim, Anahuac, Annapolis
1-412-430-3876521 Spam Complaints In 120 CitiesAkron, Alameda, Albuquerque, Aloha, Ames, Arlington, Asheville, Athens, Baltimore, Bend
1-800-423-4343520 Spam Complaints In 252 CitiesAberdeen, Albany, Albuquerque, Ames, Annapolis, Antioch, Apple River, Arroyo Grande, Asheville, Atlanta
1-800-903-3637511 Spam Complaints In 258 CitiesAkron, Alexandria, Alliance, Alma, Anaheim, Ann Arbor, Annapolis, Aptos, Arlington, Aurora
1-513-696-1920509 Spam Complaints In 158 CitiesAdams, Advance, Aiken, Amsterdam, Apple Valley, Baldwin, Bayamon, Bear, Beaumont, Bethlehem
1-714-694-7603504 Spam Complaints In 115 CitiesAliso Viejo, Altadena, Anaheim, Apple Valley, Blue Jay, Bonita, Brea, Burbank, Ca, Carlsbad
1-844-989-1702482 Spam Complaints In 193 CitiesActon, Albany, Albuquerque, Alpharetta, Andover, Ankeny, Arington, Arlington, Arrinigton, Aston
1-800-325-2865476 Spam Complaints In 250 CitiesAkron, Alexandria, Allendale, Allenstown, Allentown, Alpine, Annapolis, Apple Valley, Aptos, Arlington
1-866-580-5802475 Spam Complaints In 251 CitiesAbilene, Addison, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Ann Arbor, Arcadia, Arlington, Arvada, Ashland, Aurora
1-800-347-2683465 Spam Complaints In 257 CitiesAlbuquerque, Alexandria, Allentown, Amityville, Anacortes, Annapolis, Arlington Heights, Ashland, Athens, Atlanta
1-888-829-7563459 Spam Complaints In 143 CitiesAdams, Alexandria, Altoona, Augusta, Belfast, Berkeley Springs, Boothbay, Bossier City, Boulder, Boyertown
1-619-375-9750454 Spam Complaints In 212 CitiesAlbany, Albuquerque, Alsip, Annandale, Apex, Aptos, Arvada, Ashmore, Atlanta, Aurora
1-800-633-4227Express Medical Pharmacy LLC1 Royal Heights Ctr, Belleville, IL 62226-5705
1-248-458-4585436 Spam Complaints In 152 CitiesAnn Arbor, Antioch, Arvada, Ashford, Atlanta, Battle Creek, Bayonne, Belleville, Bethlehem, Bluffton
1-619-323-5127434 Spam Complaints In 221 CitiesAlbany, Albuquerque, Alton, Amelia, Amherst, Anthem, Apple Valley, Aptos, Arvada, Asheville
1-206-922-0880429 Spam Complaints In 252 CitiesAdams, Agoura Hills, Alameda, Alamogordo, Alexandria, Alvord, Anchorage, Annapolis, Anniston, Arverne
1-877-204-3930429 Spam Complaints In 156 CitiesAlexandria, Antioch, Apple Valley, Ashburn, Asheville, Aurora, Avon Lake, Ball, Belleair, Bettendorf
1-718-637-6200413 Spam Complaints In 166 CitiesAbingdon, Albany, Annandale, Arlington, Aylett, Baldwin, Bay Shore, Bayside, Bedford, Belleville
1-800-847-2911394 Spam Complaints In 231 CitiesAbington, Acton, Alexandria, Amherst, Annandale, Annapolis, Appleton, Ashland City, Atlanta, Austin
1-800-588-1659391 Spam Complaints In 124 CitiesAcworth, Akron, Albion, Anchorage, Arlington, Athens, Berlin, Bethany, Bethel Park, Bismarck
1-800-669-8488384 Spam Complaints In 206 CitiesAbingdon, Abita, Alachua, Alexandria, Alpharetta, Ardmore, Athens, Austin, Avondale, Bailey
1-800-950-5114Sarah E. Vanwinkle6994 Sierra Meadows Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80908
1-718-272-6703Donna Thomas1205 E 96th St, Brooklyn, NY 11236-3902
1-315-724-4022378 Spam Complaints In 198 CitiesAlbertson, Alexandria, Allen, Alpine, Alplaus, Annapolis, Argyle, Arlington, Baldwinsville, Baltimore
1-609-225-5799369 Spam Complaints In 142 CitiesAlbany, Altus, Argyle, Arnold, Asotin, Austin, Beaufort, Belhaven, Bensalem, Bitely
1-855-215-1831368 Spam Complaints In 115 CitiesAlbuquerque, Apollo Beach, Apple Valley, Atlanta, Baldwin City, Baltimore, Batchelor, Battle Creek, Berwyn, Bloomfield Hills
1-888-899-6650367 Spam Complaints In 78 CitiesAnthony, Appleton, Augusta, Belfast, Bridgeton, Cabin John, Camaillo, Camarillo, Chandler, Clarksburg
1-800-587-4162366 Spam Complaints In 1 CitiesGreenwell Springs
1-833-532-2944352 Spam Complaints In 129 Cities98058, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Andrews, Apple Valley, Aspen, Augusta, Austin, Bellefonte
1-800-900-1380351 Spam Complaints In 112 CitiesAlbuquerque, Alexandria, Altamonte Spg, Alvin, Anderson, Anderson,, Arlington, Ashland, Atchison, Austin
1-844-893-5577349 Spam Complaints In 99 CitiesAiken, Akron, Allen, Arvada, Bay Village, Beaverton, Bethany, Blue Springs, Boulder, Bryan
1-800-558-4324348 Spam Complaints In 1 CitiesGreenwell Springs
1-888-908-7930338 Spam Complaints In 82 CitiesBayside, Belmont, Beverly Hills, Brisbane, Broad Channel, Bronx, Brooklyn, Bullhead City, Cambridge, Carnation
1-561-935-9054332 Spam Complaints In 86 CitiesAddison, Alachua, Annapolis, Apopka, Aurora, Balto, Bel Air, Bethesda, Bloomington, Bolingbrook
1-877-410-4634326 Spam Complaints In 107 CitiesAddison, Albany, Albuquerque, Arbuckle, Arlington, Bernalillo, Bethany, Beverly Hills, Black for St, Bonesteel
1-605-335-2222325 Spam Complaints In 164 CitiesAberdeen, Albany, Alexandria, Annapolis, Athens, Aurora, Austin, Avon, Baltimore, Battle Ground
1-503-401-9991324 Spam Complaints In 193 Cities12004 W Carroll Rd Beloit, Abilene, Akron, Albany, Annandale, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bay Shore, Beaumont
1-206-508-4051318 Spam Complaints In 172 CitiesAlameda, Annapolis, Apache Junction, Ashburn, Astoria, Auburn, Avon Lake, Ballwin, Baltimore, Balyimore
1-646-618-8351317 Spam Complaints In 81 CitiesAcworth, Aiken, Ajo, Albany, Alexandria, Anderson, Anderson,, Arlington, Atlanta, Augusta
1-800-935-9935315 Spam Complaints In 46 CitiesArcadia, Beloit, Berwyn, Bloomington, Bradenton, Bradford, Brick, Bronx, Brooklyn, Camden
1-800-333-3474313 Spam Complaints In 125 CitiesAlbuquerque, Allentown, Annapolis, Arcade, Arlington, Austin, Baltimore, Bel Air, Belgrade, Bellevue
1-800-685-5065305 Spam Complaints In 143 Cities12004 W Carroll Rd Beloit, Abilene, Akron, Albany, Allentown, Alpine, Anaheim, Annapolis, Arlington, Arnold
1-805-637-7456302 Spam Complaints In 147 CitiesAdkins, Akron, Albany, Albuquerque, Alexandria, Allen, Allentown, Arlington, Arnold, Atchison
1-732-776-9777300 Spam Complaints In 140 CitiesAbq, Alexandria, Altamonte Spg, Ann Arbor, Apple Valley, Baltimore, Barnegat, Belle Vernon, Belleville, Bellevue
1-619-798-9835297 Spam Complaints In 57 CitiesArcadia, Arlington Heights, Bartlesville, Boca Raton, Bolingbrook, Bossier City, Buffalo Grove, Chicago, Clinton Township, Coral Gables
1-219-290-2474297 Spam Complaints In 121 CitiesA, Aiken, Amarillo, Ames, Argyle, Austin, Avon, Bagdad, Beaufort, Bella Vista
1-888-422-5654295 Spam Complaints In 97 CitiesAlexandria, Anacortes, Aspen, Barre, Belgium, Belington, Bethlehem, Binghamton, Bozeman, Brunswick
1-856-861-3250295 Spam Complaints In 93 CitiesAllentown, Allison Park, Amherst, Anthem, Ashland, Basking Ridge, Belle Isle, Berkley, Bethlehem, Billerica
1-833-595-1058294 Spam Complaints In 34 CitiesAberdeen, Abington, Blakeslee, Boise, Bronx, Camarillo, Cedaredge, Chicago, Clairton, Cleveland
1-480-691-3595291 Spam Complaints In 37 CitiesApache Junction, Azle, Bothell, Buckeye, Burnsville, Cedarburg, Chandler, Cheyenne, Chicago, Denver
1-800-248-4226289 Spam Complaints In 135 Cities12004 W Carroll Rd Beloit, Albany, Alpine, Annapolis, Arlington, Augusta, Austin, Bay Shore, Beaumont, Bel Air
1-337-324-8171275 Spam Complaints In 0 Cities
1-405-583-4910275 Spam Complaints In 1 CitiesOklahoma City
1-800-732-9194274 Spam Complaints In 165 CitiesAdams, Ahoskie, Alachua, Amarillo, Amherst, Ardmore, Arlington, Arnold, Auror, Austin
1-866-532-0424273 Spam Complaints In 133 CitiesAbilene, Annapolis, Ansonia, Arlington, Austin, Bakersfield, Belfast, Belleville, Bessemer, Bethel Park
1-800-627-8372268 Spam Complaints In 145 CitiesAiken, Airville, Albany, Alexandria, Amarillo, Anaheim, Annandale, Arvada, Athens, Atlanta
1-800-292-7508268 Spam Complaints In 138 CitiesAbilene, Alachua, Alamo, Albuquerque, Andrews, Annapolis, Atchison, Baldwinsville, Belle Plaine, Belleville